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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Wet N Wild Ready To Pounce

Untried #9, Ready To Pounce, from the LE On The Prowl collection. There is absolutely no way my words or pictures can do justice to this AMAZING polish. Despite it coming from a bang-up Halloween collection, this colour was born for the sun. Without sun, it’s a very lush, velvety purple, which is still gorgeous. But when it braves a journey into the sun?

Um…ignore my index finger. And the condition of my cuticles. I’ve been stuck on closing shifts, which means three hours of dishes.

Shimmer, sparkle, glow, what a DYNAMO! This easily rockets to the top of my collection. I don’t have ANYTHING quite like this colour. I am, quite literally, “Ready To Pounce” myself with this on my nails. I may have even drooled a bit. Then I decided to do something unheard of: LAYER. I added one coat of OPI “Sheer Enchantment”; and oldie but, dear LORD, a goodie. It was TKO at first sight, which I am using as my excuse for forgetting to capture a good picture before work destroyed this mani. Add sun, photograph and wrap.



Tip Wear 😦

Honestly, since my nail polish collection has swelled, I’ve rarely felt myself longing to go back to a certain colour. This one is definitely special to this tired, old lacquer head.

Revlon Black With Envy/Color Club Backstage Pass

Revlon…we’ve been so good together over the last year. Except for “the incident” that we no longer speak of, you’ve treated me right. Of course I’m ready to accept part of the responsibility but it can’t all be my fault. You brought more bubbles that shimmer to the nail party with Black With Envy. Was it to spite me for passing on this colour for so long before finally picking it up on sale earlier this month? If so, that’s bad form. I REALLY wanted to like this colour. It wasn’t a plain black cream. In fact, it was more of a gunmetal grey than black. Well…hints of gunmetal. And it the bottle, it was so pretty! The result of our latest rendezvous  has left an unpleasant taste in my mouth, Revlon. Sure your formula was workable  but in the end, the payoff wasn’t worth the journey. I know what you’re capable of, so I haven’t given up on you. Next time, bring your A game Revlon.

To cover up the hideous and offensive bubbles, I piled on two coats of Color Club’s Backstage Pass, which is scrumptrulescent glitter that really isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes patience (and a few drinks) to apply but it is completely worth it! Also, I mention a lot that I have drinks when I do my nails and I sound like a lush. I am not. But I think that’s what they say is a sign of alcoholism…nevermind. ON TO THE PICTURES!



I didn’t even bother with clean up, I was so crushed.

Saved by Glitter!

Best lip balm ever!

Most manicures can be saved with glitter. And a good cleanup when you aren’t too disheartened when a great colour breaks your heart. And I killed two untrieds in one go! So here are #7 and #8

Revlon Royal Cloak

I hmmm’d and haaaaa’d over posting this because I didn’t get the greatest pictures of this colour. And because I was annihilated in champagne when I painted my right hand. But I figured I would share the good AND the bad if I ever wanted to appreciate some growth in my skills and swatches. So here is untried #6: Revlon Royal Cloak. There are much nicer swatches of this online. Kayla has great swatches (she always does) and I just have these. This formula wasn’t too bad. It’s toeing the line between thick and workable. The colour payoff is gorgeous though. These pictures are fairly colour accurate. Honestly, if you can find this colour, BUY IT. Royal Cloak is part of Revlon’s limited edition Masquerade collection. I’m going to go on the hunt for the other shades in this collection. Enough yapping! On to (crap) pictures!




Jamison’s freehand half moon. He wore it before I did…

Also I would just like to say, please excuse the saddosity and dryness of my hands and cuticles. I work in the food industry so I work with my hands for 9+ hours a day. I’m working on finding a treatment that can keep up.

Joe Fresh Teal

I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this gorgeous polish. Alas, when I get drinks into me, my picture taking looses not only the skills, but also the priority. This polish was AMAZING. It’s a one coater, which I always love about a nail polish. I’m loving Joe Fresh polishes. I have so many in the pipe for my untrieds. With the holiday season coming up, it has been so hard for me to stick to my No Buy. But I am determined. It also helps that I live in a nail polish Dead Zone and have yet to see actual holiday collections in my travels. I feel like I’ve gabbed enough! Here are my (not so great) pictures of Untried #5: Joe Fresh Teal (great name by the way…)


Then I got bored (a side effect of drinking) and added an accent of Wet N Wild Correction Tape and a mint jelly franken I made.



Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Green Tea

I’m a die hard Sally Hansen fan. I will follow them to the end of the Earth. But I can take or leave their Complete Salon Manicure line. I have maybe three colours from that line, this one included. Sequin Scandal is a wet dream (pardon my crudeness but it is FANTASTIC) and Purple Pulse is lukewarm nightmare. I know what Sally Hansen is capable of. Hidden Treasure never made it to my stash, but I still fantasize. Green Tea is a delicious colour with a naughty formula. It bubbled. It pooled. It streaked. The bubbles could be chalked up to my poor base coat. But the pooling and streaking are all Green Tea’s. It’s the only colour from the new Tracy Reese line that even remotely appealed to me. But I do not regret my decision. Like I said, I will follow them to the end of the Earth. So here is Untried #4: Green Tea. Excuse the bubbles and the bald spots.




Wet N Wild Behind Closed Doors

This is untried #3. I browsed countless blogs for swatches and ANY info about this collection. It was one of the most elusive collections I have ever encountered in my own personal experience. But I found it! One random day perusing the grocery store a couple days after Halloween, I turned a corner and there it was. I looked around me, to see if anyone had heard the inhuman sound that escaped my body. When I saw no one there, I frantically grabbed every colour except for Inkwell (it’s black. I already have five black nail polishes. I don’t need more) and dashed to the self check out. Needless to say, it was love at first swipe.



Ardene Emerald Green

This was supposed to post yesterday, and it never did. I’m off to a GREAT blog start. This colour really surprised me. It was a delicious application and was really easy to control. This was also really well pigmented and I could have gotten away with one coat. It’s just force of habit to do two or more. Enough blab. The colour!

It’s been really gross the last few days so I don’t have a great sun shot. And this may not be the best picture. But it’s really a great colour. And it has a great price tag. Ardene sells their polish 2/$6. I can’t wait to use  more of their stuff!