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It’s been a months long debate between myself and…myself, if I should start a nail polish blog.  Much of my hesitance to start such a blog had everything to do with the fact I am not good at painting my nails and I don’t have a good camera to take pictures of my nails. Also…I work with my hands a lot and very often they are submersed in water (dirty water, usually) or wrapped in poly-whatever gloves. Needless to say, it is a dirty business, my job. And it takes a serious toll on my hands and nails.

But then I thought: Hey! Why shouldn’t I start a blog and chronicle my journey from amateur to pro, just because my hands and nails aren’t in pristine condition?! I can’t control the fact I work with my hands. But I can control the colours I wear on my nails (and the caffeine level in my blood) and I can be proud of the fact that I have already come a long way. Close to a year ago, I woke up and declared that it was time to stop biting my nails. I bit them to cope with stress and change. People could tell what was going on in my life by the state of my nails and cuticles. Yes, I bit my cuticles too. But no more! My job unspeakably calls for short nails, so I do keep them on the shorter side, but they already look worlds different.

*phew* OK, I’m done explaining things now.

I’m going to kick off my blog with what I am currently up to: A no buy, based on the thirty odd untried bottles of nail polish I have on the go.


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