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Joe Fresh Teal

I wish I’d gotten a better picture of this gorgeous polish. Alas, when I get drinks into me, my picture taking looses not only the skills, but also the priority. This polish was AMAZING. It’s a one coater, which I always love about a nail polish. I’m loving Joe Fresh polishes. I have so many in the pipe for my untrieds. With the holiday season coming up, it has been so hard for me to stick to my No Buy. But I am determined. It also helps that I live in a nail polish Dead Zone and have yet to see actual holiday collections in my travels. I feel like I’ve gabbed enough! Here are my (not so great) pictures of Untried #5: Joe Fresh Teal (great name by the way…)


Then I got bored (a side effect of drinking) and added an accent of Wet N Wild Correction Tape and a mint jelly franken I made.




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