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Revlon Royal Cloak

I hmmm’d and haaaaa’d over posting this because I didn’t get the greatest pictures of this colour. And because I was annihilated in champagne when I painted my right hand. But I figured I would share the good AND the bad if I ever wanted to appreciate some growth in my skills and swatches. So here is untried #6: Revlon Royal Cloak. There are much nicer swatches of this online. Kayla has great swatches (she always does) and I just have these. This formula wasn’t too bad. It’s toeing the line between thick and workable. The colour payoff is gorgeous though. These pictures are fairly colour accurate. Honestly, if you can find this colour, BUY IT. Royal Cloak is part of Revlon’s limited edition Masquerade collection. I’m going to go on the hunt for the other shades in this collection. Enough yapping! On to (crap) pictures!




Jamison’s freehand half moon. He wore it before I did…

Also I would just like to say, please excuse the saddosity and dryness of my hands and cuticles. I work in the food industry so I work with my hands for 9+ hours a day. I’m working on finding a treatment that can keep up.


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