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Wet N Wild Ready To Pounce

Untried #9, Ready To Pounce, from the LE On The Prowl collection. There is absolutely no way my words or pictures can do justice to this AMAZING polish. Despite it coming from a bang-up Halloween collection, this colour was born for the sun. Without sun, it’s a very lush, velvety purple, which is still gorgeous. But when it braves a journey into the sun?

Um…ignore my index finger. And the condition of my cuticles. I’ve been stuck on closing shifts, which means three hours of dishes.

Shimmer, sparkle, glow, what a DYNAMO! This easily rockets to the top of my collection. I don’t have ANYTHING quite like this colour. I am, quite literally, “Ready To Pounce” myself with this on my nails. I may have even drooled a bit. Then I decided to do something unheard of: LAYER. I added one coat of OPI “Sheer Enchantment”; and oldie but, dear LORD, a goodie. It was TKO at first sight, which I am using as my excuse for forgetting to capture a good picture before work destroyed this mani. Add sun, photograph and wrap.



Tip Wear šŸ˜¦

Honestly, since my nail polish collection has swelled, I’ve rarely felt myself longing to go back to a certain colour. This one is definitely special to this tired, old lacquer head.


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