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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Untried #14 (perhaps): Color Club Fame and Fortune

Now, I had seen swatches on polish blogs and drooled. I love glitter. I don’t care if it’s chunky, fine, micro, or the size of boulders. Glitter could drown me and I wouldn’t give a flying rat’s ass. Now, I come from a small town and “big name” collections don’t really make it to my neck of the woods. So when I stumbled into Winners on that fateful day and saw the collection there, I threw my no-buy out the window and whipped a twenty dollar bill from my wallet. No regrets here. Every single one of these bottles, is a tiny orgasm from glitter lovers like myself.

Now, Fame and Fortune was the one that got the most hype, but it was also the one I was most wary of. It’s in a pink/red jelly base. Enough said. But the holographic flakes are just…AMAZING. They’re like shards of broken cd in a bottle. I love it. Being raised in the age of the Compact Disc, I appreciate this look. I will never see anything else when I look down at my nails while wearing this colour. It is a bottle of murdered cds and the pinky-red base, is the blood. Morbid, I know. But so perfect for someone like me.


From a normal distance...


Just hanging out, conducting every day activities. Like drinking


I just loved how those two chunks merged on my pinky. The colour isn’t 100% true. It’s more pink than red.

My God I love this


The problem with trying to capture this with a picture, is that you can’t see the broken cd element like I do. But trust me. It’s there.

I’m hoping one day soon, I will have a good camera to start taking pictures with.

Until next time!

The name’s Poison…

Poison Ivy! Well, at least it was on Halloween. Or it would have been. Life always seems to get in the way.

But that’s besides the point. With a bitchin’ costume, a girl needs to have a bitchin’ manicure. So I decided to go to work (nail polish work) and try out some mani ideas. I had picked up some Sally Hansen polish strips in a red fishnet pattern (called Wishnets I believe) and I knew I had to incorporate them into the design. So I did just that.

Now, I know that “Batman and Robin” was a complete and total mess. George Clooney was never meant to be The Caper Crusader. Alicia Silverstone did the best she could with the terrible storyline of Batgirl. And please don’t even get me started on Arnold as Mr. Freeze. But for some reason, I loved Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. All the neon green and red that Joel Schumacher had the 80s throw up all over the set of the movie, stuck with me. So after applying the decals to two fingers on each hand, I painted my nails with a neon green, then sponged a couple of other greens onto my nails. Then I decided to take a stab at the whole “dripping” technique. So I went back with the neon green and tried to make it look like some toxic, Poison Ivy like ooze dripping down the tips of my fingers. Not bad. I liked it. Then a day at work destroyed it and I was crushed…and too lazy to do it again.

Stupid decal tore on my middle finger

I am very sad to say that this is the only decent picture I managed to get of this mani. I spent more time drinking beer (which I REALLY need to cut back on) than trying to take pictures.

This beer is delicious...

As you can see, I was more concerned about the bottle shot. Everything else was too blurry.

*sigh* Next time, time

The moral of this polish story is: Don’t drink and lacquer.

Just in time for Christmas!

Even though I did this a few weeks ago…

This is the crimson delight that is Dear Santa by OPI. Time and time again, I’ve said that red and I do not mix. But when I picked up this bottle (off my mom’s dresser…I’ll bring it back mom, I swear!) and I saw the hidden golden flakie/shimmer. BOOM! I needed this colour on my nails.

Yeah, it wasn’t the most flattering shade of red that I’ve had on my nails. But it was too hard to take my eyes off of. I doubt these pictures will do that gold undertone ANY justice. It was like WOAH! Well, let’s have my pictures do the talking, shall we? Even if they might sound like they have a speech impediment…

Stained, yellow nails!

Well I TRIED to capture the gold flecks...

A whole lot more try and whole lot more fail

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! iPhone 1, OPI Dear Santa 0 My hands, -12

And that’s my post for the day, folks! I may or may not have more Christmas nails for you! If this Kardashian polish  works with me and my layering goes along as planned, expect a major pic spam post! Merry Christmas readers and future readers!


From The Vault: Patchwork Nails!

Bonjour readers! This design comes from the tutorial created by the great Kayla Shevonne. Honestly, the shit she can draw on her nails astounds me! She is so talented I could vomit. So I decided to try my own hand at this design and well…I need a nail art brush hahahaha.  But all in all, I do enjoy how this turned out. I love these colours together and I may have to try it again for Christmas.

HOW CUTE IS THIS! I love it!

Until next time friends! For now, I’m off to make subs.

Untried # Whatever (but probably #13)

OK so I am the saddest excuse of a nail polish blogger. I can’t even remember what # of Untried I am on. But I can tell you that the one I am about to post today, is super cool and I apologize for any lemmings I create. This is another fantastic entry from Color Club’s Backstage Pass collection. The “flakies” in this red jelly base remind me of broke cd shards. Being a child of the “discman” phase in life, I love it. Of course, anyone who read my review of Wet N Wild “Buy Me a Drink?” knows that reds and pinks and all those frilly girl colours are NOT my bag. But I have a feeling if I layered this over a purple or a blue…PHWOAR! Instant love. Wearing it in its original state isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be either. I actually seriously dug this colour. The red/pink was JUST blue enough to work with the yellow undertone of my skin. It is definitely a colour I am grateful to have in my collection and I can already see myself laying it over a very inky blue or purple in a future manicure.

It's A Hit!

Seriously, this colour is delicious. I wish I could have gotten a great sun shot. But it’s gloomy and grey here in Brockville…so you will have to make do with flash pictures and grey weather.

OK I lied...

It would appear I never got outside shots of this polish. But it really is wonderful…

Overall, if you ever see this collection…BUY IT! Oh my Gosh you with NOT regret it! I got mine at Winners, fellow Canadians. That’s a good place to start!

From The Vault Nail Art

This is some nail art I did way back in the beginning of the year after I’d decided to stop biting my nails. Now, when girls constantly state they are “gamers” I am very wary. I play video games. I am a Nintendo girl born and raised, but I love Fries, my Playstation and Stanley my Xbox. So what better way to pay tribute to them? It’s not perfect. I am not an artist and I don’t have the proper tools. But I really like how it turned out for what it was.

I’m posting this because the Christmas season is taking a toll on my hands and they are not in viewing state. I will still take pictures of swatches and untrieds but I will try to edit them….

On with the Game Nails!

For Stanley!

I don’t play favourites among my game consoles!

When I have a better brush I will try these nails again. But I was proud of them at the time. Before I started reading nail blogs that put me to shame…

Color Club Cold Metal and some random Ardene decals….

Before I start, I want to apologize to my non-existent readers for kind of disappearing. I’ve been in such a glum, morose mood lately. I have no idea why. Jamison and I had a fight on Sunday, which kicked my self loathing into overdrive. And when that happens, I completely shut down. Sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low. This was a low, LOW dive and I didn’t even paint my nails. Sure I have a backlog of pictures but I couldn’t even be bothered. My self esteem is making the treacherous climb back up the mountain so we’ll see how far it gets this time. Now, ON TO THE POLISH!!

As previously mentioned, I am a sucker for blue. And I am an even bigger sucker for a blue like this one. This is the colour of blue that I would shower my house in if I could. It makes me so giddy, which I’m sure is weird for a blue. Blues are supposed to be mellow, calming and even downright depressing. Not for this girl.

When I bough the Color Club Foiled collection, I started off with Hot Like Lava and Perfect Mol-ten. But Cold Metal had me drooling at first sight. I wanted to save it for a special moment. Finding the silver zebra nail decals at Ardene seemed to be the moment I was looking for.

As usual, ignore the mess. The decals were a PITA to file off the excess. But look how pretty! Especially with that BLUE!

Boom! Sunlight!

Ick to the free edge of the decal. These are no where near as clean as the Sally Hansen ones I’ve used. But they definitely offer a nice accent to the “Cold Metal” blues.

Not quite ready for the close up...

The best close up my Simon iPhone would allow.

All in all, I am seriously digging this collection. I love that my local Winners has the real gems of the Color Club nail polish world. In fact, I just found them carrying  The Muppets collection. Hopefully on Friday when I go back, there will still be some Warm and Fozzie left. A friend’s fiancee bought the minis but didn’t like Designer…De Better or Warm and Fozzie so she handed them over to me…

That’s definitely the way to get on my good side. Until the next swatch!