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Wet N Wild Buy Me A Drink?

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So here we are at Untried #10. Double digits! Whoo!

Ahem. From an early age, I’ve been aware of my precarious perch on the line between happy and eternally morose. Perhaps it’s why I am so drawn to sad, cold colours. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a shade of red, yellow or orange that pumps my (metaphorical) nads. But show me a blue, green or purple…PHWOAR! My fire is lit. That’s why I was weary of “Buy Me a Drink?”, a very rich cabernet red. I mean…why the question mark? Most women bold enough to sport rich, vampy reds, or reds in general, would never leave it up in the air. They’d slink up to a guy, find some way to touch his chest and purr “Buy me a drink and let’s see where our clothes end up.” Or something less slutty, because red nail polish does not make a woman a whore. Now I’ve taken it too far. And I’ve taken us away from the issue at hand: my uncharacteristic taste for this colour (also from the On The Prowl collection). I glared at the bottle for quite some time probably two minutes before accepting defeat and unscrewing the cap




Well, Buy Me A Drink (?) I am eternally sorry I doubted you, question mark and all. You are lush. And you are so perfectly flattering. So far, I really love this collection. On The Prowl is such a great offering from Wet N Wild! Colour me impressed (no pun intended) and this is another must have for me. Once the holidays start (for me that’s not a a day sooner than December 15), I will be using this in many a holiday mani!

And there you have it. Sorry for the wretched state of my fingers.


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