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Color Club Lumin-icent

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There is something to be said about foil and metallic nail polish: IT IS UNFORGIVING. That being said, I’m too poor to pay for countless experimental ridge fillers and basecoats. If you can name any that have given you great success, I would be more than thrilled. So while the odd imperfection is a disaster unfortunate to me, not many people see my hands up close. The shine/glare coming off this colour is more than enough distraction. Plus I make food for a living so my hands are constantly encased in cheap plastic gloves. It’s hell on the nails.

Now I can already hear you cringing at my flagrant disregard of lacquer etiquette. This is something I’m working on changing.

My meds just kicked in…and my journal is SPINNING. But enough about ME. It’s all about the nail polish!

Oh look! A Loonie!

Now…this is where my review gets a bit…drugged. I’m going to type (word for word) what I wrote in my journal: Lumin-icent is a fabulous light blue, turquoise (but not really). Like all the colours from this collection, it’s one coater on your way out the door. But this year, no dice.

*pause for a collective WTF moment* Yeah. I don’t know what I was aiming for either. The colour is still gorgeous though. I’m really digging this “Color Club” brand. I am so glad I wandered into Winners on that fateful day. They have given me the Foiled Molten Metals collection, the Backstage Pass collection AND a Femme Fatale mini collection. I don’t even care that color is spelled the way that it is. I mean…LOOK:


EXTREME CLOSE UP! Sorry about the mess…


And now the obligatory “caffeine” shot


And that’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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