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Color Club Cold Metal and some random Ardene decals….

Before I start, I want to apologize to my non-existent readers for kind of disappearing. I’ve been in such a glum, morose mood lately. I have no idea why. Jamison and I had a fight on Sunday, which kicked my self loathing into overdrive. And when that happens, I completely shut down. Sometimes it’s high and sometimes it’s low. This was a low, LOW dive and I didn’t even paint my nails. Sure I have a backlog of pictures but I couldn’t even be bothered. My self esteem is making the treacherous climb back up the mountain so we’ll see how far it gets this time. Now, ON TO THE POLISH!!

As previously mentioned, I am a sucker for blue. And I am an even bigger sucker for a blue like this one. This is the colour of blue that I would shower my house in if I could. It makes me so giddy, which I’m sure is weird for a blue. Blues are supposed to be mellow, calming and even downright depressing. Not for this girl.

When I bough the Color Club Foiled collection, I started off with Hot Like Lava and Perfect Mol-ten. But Cold Metal had me drooling at first sight. I wanted to save it for a special moment. Finding the silver zebra nail decals at Ardene seemed to be the moment I was looking for.

As usual, ignore the mess. The decals were a PITA to file off the excess. But look how pretty! Especially with that BLUE!

Boom! Sunlight!

Ick to the free edge of the decal. These are no where near as clean as the Sally Hansen ones I’ve used. But they definitely offer a nice accent to the “Cold Metal” blues.

Not quite ready for the close up...

The best close up my Simon iPhone would allow.

All in all, I am seriously digging this collection. I love that my local Winners has the real gems of the Color Club nail polish world. In fact, I just found them carrying  The Muppets collection. Hopefully on Friday when I go back, there will still be some Warm and Fozzie left. A friend’s fiancee bought the minis but didn’t like Designer…De Better or Warm and Fozzie so she handed them over to me…

That’s definitely the way to get on my good side. Until the next swatch!


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