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Untried # Whatever (but probably #13)

OK so I am the saddest excuse of a nail polish blogger. I can’t even remember what # of Untried I am on. But I can tell you that the one I am about to post today, is super cool and I apologize for any lemmings I create. This is another fantastic entry from Color Club’s Backstage Pass collection. The “flakies” in this red jelly base remind me of broke cd shards. Being a child of the “discman” phase in life, I love it. Of course, anyone who read my review of Wet N Wild “Buy Me a Drink?” knows that reds and pinks and all those frilly girl colours are NOT my bag. But I have a feeling if I layered this over a purple or a blue…PHWOAR! Instant love. Wearing it in its original state isn’t as terrible as I thought it would be either. I actually seriously dug this colour. The red/pink was JUST blue enough to work with the yellow undertone of my skin. It is definitely a colour I am grateful to have in my collection and I can already see myself laying it over a very inky blue or purple in a future manicure.

It's A Hit!

Seriously, this colour is delicious. I wish I could have gotten a great sun shot. But it’s gloomy and grey here in Brockville…so you will have to make do with flash pictures and grey weather.

OK I lied...

It would appear I never got outside shots of this polish. But it really is wonderful…

Overall, if you ever see this collection…BUY IT! Oh my Gosh you with NOT regret it! I got mine at Winners, fellow Canadians. That’s a good place to start!


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