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Just in time for Christmas!

Even though I did this a few weeks ago…

This is the crimson delight that is Dear Santa by OPI. Time and time again, I’ve said that red and I do not mix. But when I picked up this bottle (off my mom’s dresser…I’ll bring it back mom, I swear!) and I saw the hidden golden flakie/shimmer. BOOM! I needed this colour on my nails.

Yeah, it wasn’t the most flattering shade of red that I’ve had on my nails. But it was too hard to take my eyes off of. I doubt these pictures will do that gold undertone ANY justice. It was like WOAH! Well, let’s have my pictures do the talking, shall we? Even if they might sound like they have a speech impediment…

Stained, yellow nails!

Well I TRIED to capture the gold flecks...

A whole lot more try and whole lot more fail

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! iPhone 1, OPI Dear Santa 0 My hands, -12

And that’s my post for the day, folks! I may or may not have more Christmas nails for you! If this Kardashian polish  works with me and my layering goes along as planned, expect a major pic spam post! Merry Christmas readers and future readers!



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