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The name’s Poison…

Poison Ivy! Well, at least it was on Halloween. Or it would have been. Life always seems to get in the way.

But that’s besides the point. With a bitchin’ costume, a girl needs to have a bitchin’ manicure. So I decided to go to work (nail polish work) and try out some mani ideas. I had picked up some Sally Hansen polish strips in a red fishnet pattern (called Wishnets I believe) and I knew I had to incorporate them into the design. So I did just that.

Now, I know that “Batman and Robin” was a complete and total mess. George Clooney was never meant to be The Caper Crusader. Alicia Silverstone did the best she could with the terrible storyline of Batgirl. And please don’t even get me started on Arnold as Mr. Freeze. But for some reason, I loved Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. All the neon green and red that Joel Schumacher had the 80s throw up all over the set of the movie, stuck with me. So after applying the decals to two fingers on each hand, I painted my nails with a neon green, then sponged a couple of other greens onto my nails. Then I decided to take a stab at the whole “dripping” technique. So I went back with the neon green and tried to make it look like some toxic, Poison Ivy like ooze dripping down the tips of my fingers. Not bad. I liked it. Then a day at work destroyed it and I was crushed…and too lazy to do it again.

Stupid decal tore on my middle finger

I am very sad to say that this is the only decent picture I managed to get of this mani. I spent more time drinking beer (which I REALLY need to cut back on) than trying to take pictures.

This beer is delicious...

As you can see, I was more concerned about the bottle shot. Everything else was too blurry.

*sigh* Next time, time

The moral of this polish story is: Don’t drink and lacquer.


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