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Untried #14 (perhaps): Color Club Fame and Fortune

Now, I had seen swatches on polish blogs and drooled. I love glitter. I don’t care if it’s chunky, fine, micro, or the size of boulders. Glitter could drown me and I wouldn’t give a flying rat’s ass. Now, I come from a small town and “big name” collections don’t really make it to my neck of the woods. So when I stumbled into Winners on that fateful day and saw the collection there, I threw my no-buy out the window and whipped a twenty dollar bill from my wallet. No regrets here. Every single one of these bottles, is a tiny orgasm from glitter lovers like myself.

Now, Fame and Fortune was the one that got the most hype, but it was also the one I was most wary of. It’s in a pink/red jelly base. Enough said. But the holographic flakes are just…AMAZING. They’re like shards of broken cd in a bottle. I love it. Being raised in the age of the Compact Disc, I appreciate this look. I will never see anything else when I look down at my nails while wearing this colour. It is a bottle of murdered cds and the pinky-red base, is the blood. Morbid, I know. But so perfect for someone like me.


From a normal distance...


Just hanging out, conducting every day activities. Like drinking


I just loved how those two chunks merged on my pinky. The colour isn’t 100% true. It’s more pink than red.

My God I love this


The problem with trying to capture this with a picture, is that you can’t see the broken cd element like I do. But trust me. It’s there.

I’m hoping one day soon, I will have a good camera to start taking pictures with.

Until next time!


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