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Hi all non-existent readers! I’m just doing a very quickie update to let you know that I am not dead, or dying in a ditch somewhere. I’ve just been in a very anti-social mood lately, blogging included. But I just want to give a glimpse of the beauty that is about to adorn my nails.


Senior Jamison and I were killing time while we washed our duvet so we wandered around our local Zellers. And I must say, he is the one who took us to the nail polish. I’m not sure if he was doing it to try and cheer me up or if he wanted to observe me in my natural habitat A.K.A The beauty department. So I crouched down (which I should be doing much less of because I can feel my knees starting to give out on me) and stared at the Sally Hansen display. Legitimately stared. I saw some colours I had not seen before and this glorious beauty stared back at me. Temptress. Much to my surprise, SJ encouraged me to pick a colour and he would buy it for me. Well. I had two in my hands; this one, and a putty colour with green shimmer. Looking back, don’t ask me why the decision was so difficult. Purple Gala is the obvious winner. Even SJ thought so. This was actually his pick.

The guy has good taste. In nail polish and girlfriends, anyway.

Full swatches to come!


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