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A new breed of polish=a possible dupe for OPI?

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I don’t often get my hands on the current O.P.I collections. In fact, the closest I’ve come is a random display at Winners of The Muppets collection. Hello full sized bottle of Warm and Fozzie…

But there was recently a collection with a colour so cold and beautiful, it stopped my heart. The colour is Swimsuit…Nailed It! from the Miss Universe collection. For years I tried to deny that blue was my favourite colour. It’s so common and predictable. But I’m old now and the idea of lying about my favourite colour is silly. So yeah. Blue is my favourite effing colour. And the shade of blue that Swimsuit…Nailed It! falls into…LADY BONER. The story of SNI coming into my life, does not have a happily ever after, but it certainly has a silver (or blue foil) lining.

I never expected it, but Winners has become my go to place for exciting nail polish. They recently carried a line called Cosmetic Arts, which, from what I glossed over online, is made by the same company that makes Color Club. Can’t go wrong there, can I? The upside: I found a linear silver holo called Silver Belle and, be still my heart, a possible dupe for SNI. The closest I came to SNI, was Cold Metal from the Foiled collection (by Color Club). Don’t get me wrong; it’s a gorgeous shade of blue but it’s a touch darker than SNI. This blue foil from Cosmetic Arts could be just what I wanted! The downside to this story: there was no label on the bottle. And their website is absolutely no help. I only identified Silver Belle because, well, it’s a holo and they are on fire. This blue is either “Baby It’s Cold” or “Mistletoe Kiss.” If anyone knows what this colour is actually called, please HELP ME. I hate having polishes with no name.

Alright, enough yapping, more pic snapping! (Yes, lame. I know. What do you want from me?)






I was so excited about this, I didn’t bother to clean up my mess. Then again, do I ever? It’s all about the colour anyway! To make up for it, I posted some holo yumminess! When we next get some sunlight, I will throw this sucker on and photograph it like there’s no tomorrow.

Enjoy folks, and until we meet again!


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