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Sally Hansen Gem Crush

Well, well, well. Sally Hansen, you rascal. You somehow managed to get an entire line of GLITTER, by me. Joke’s on you, I picked up two colours: Cha-Ching! and…the silver one wit blue hex glitter. Hang on. Gotta find the name…jeez, I am the worst blogger. SHOWGIRL CHIC! That’s the one. In the end, who CARES what they are called? THEY ARE GLITTER AND THEY ARE SO EFFING HOT!

Cha-Ching! reminds me SO much of Excuse Moi! from the Muppets collection. Only having TWO of the Muppets nail polish (Designer…de Better! and Warm and Fozzie) I can’t say for sure. But I am sure of this: I do not like red polish. But Cha-Ching! is fabulous!

When you cut to the chase, ALL of the Gem Crush colours are AMAZING. You had me at glitter, Sally Hansen. You could throw in very inappropriate words and I would still be all over it. And as far as Jamison is concerned, glitter is code for STI or something…OK. Enough. On with the pictures!



Blurred for delicious effect!


PLEASE bear with me while I save for a camera!


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