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A blast from the past: It’s Always Been You <3

Let’s just take a moment and acknowledge the underrated movie of the same name, starring Brendan Fraiser and Christopher Walken. What a great movie.

Alright. Let’s get down to business to defeat THE HUNS! (I am full of movie references. Stay tuned)

When one has as much nail polish as I do, one just HAS to come up with a filing system, just to be able to keep one’s head on straight. So I got right down to it and started THREE methods. I can’t stop at one. Mainly because I’m trying to find the best one for me. Jamison’s sister echoed my unspoken thought of filling a wall with shelves and just putting all my nail polish on a wall. Well. OBVIOUSLY I WANT TO DO THAT BUT I LIVE IN AN APARTMENT! CRIES! A colourful wall of lacquer is my dream. Think of how EASY it would be to just look at and say “Oh, yes. I’d like that one” and then just reach out and grab it! In time…

Anyway, after sifting through an alarming amount of nail polish (400 bottles and counting O_O) I weeded out all my random, one off brands that I only have about three of. And that’s when I found THIS gem from my past:

Initiating IGNORE MY YELLOW NAILS sequence...

Now, this puppy means very much to me, for a few reasons. And I shall list them now:

1) Caboodles is a shadow of my teenage past. I only ever owned two and in my naive days, I threw one of them out because it was like painting my nails with metallic purple molasses.

2) This nail polish was a gift on my 16th birthday, which I spent in Niagra Falls with the high school band and three of the best friends I have ever had in my life.

3) I am still in contact with all three of those people.

4) My 16th birthday will be one of my top memories in life. And this nail polish will always remind me of that.

5) It was the first birthday present I ever got from Jamison. Way back when we were just…kids, really. He went to a dollar store and bought this for me. Then he arrived at my hotel room door in the wee hours of the morning of June 3, with a Hostess cupcake (complete with candle <3) and handed me this polish.

And I still have it. Even better: we are now sharing a life and nail polish is in danger of taking control of our guest room.

Yes. It is completely lame and cheesy. But every now and then, it’s nice to have a completely out of the ordinary cute story involving your significant other. Especially when you are completely unaware of the fact that it will become something you can tell to people.

I love Jamison, and I’m quite sure I always will, no matter what happens. In life and in nail polish.


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