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You saved our lives, we are eternally greatful

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Wicked, naughty blogger. I’ve been neglecting this blog and I am sorry. It hasn’t been the best of times. But I painted these lovely little dudes because I want to get better at free hand nail art. So of course the obvious thing to do, is start with dots.

Toy Story was one of the last movies I saw in the tiny, two screen theatre my town used to have. You read that right. Two screens. Or maybe there were three…forgive me. It was seventeen years ago. Yes, you read that right too. The last movie I saw in that theatre was Titanic. Then it was torn down. I’m sure when my mom reads this she will correct everything I just said. But enough about my past. Time for my nail polish present. Well…kind of- you know what? Just look at the picture.



I used Sally Hansen Green With Envy as my base and then sponged Sally Hansen HD Lite (a shimmery yellow) over all my nails. Then I added the eyes and mouth. Ooooooooooooooh.




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