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I don’t own many holo polishes. I can count them on one hand (four). Mainly because I find it almost criminal to fork over close to 20 bucks for a bottle, when really they only look great in the sun. Being from Canada, sun is about as valuable as gold. So, when one of the first gorgeous days of the Spring season began to tease us with the coming attraction of Summer, I knew I had to get ready to bust out the rainbow.

Well…the rainbow has never been one for photographs, double or not. So I tried my best to capture that gorgeous linear glow. This random polish from Winners is the biggest bottle of holo I have so I used it.

When I purchased it, it didn’t have a name. And I despise unlabelled colours. I wasn’t too put off because I live in the age of Google. Well. Google can suck someone’s junk because it was toeing the line of “useless.” Digging basically to the liquid hot magma of the internet, I found out that this polish MAY be called “Silver Belle.” Well you know what? That is what it’s called because I CAN’T STAND HAVING NO NAME POLISHES. So, without further ado, the only pictures I could get of the rainbow, before the sun got jealous of the attention.


See how BLAH it is without direct sunlight?









I’ll even throw in a preview of a new Joe Fresh polish I have. I’m wearing it on my thumb.


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