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Sweet cuppin’ cakes!*

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*This title is brought to you by Strongbad.

Remember this bottle of confection I showed you? (I should hope so, since it was in my last post)

Still continue to ignore my nail and cuticles...

Well, after I posted the above picture, I painted my nails with it. The polish, not the picture. Then I slept on it. Then I woke up to a nice sunny day and took pictures. These are those pictures.

Oh and as usual, ignore the state of my hands. Lots of dishwashing shifts.

I love how it's ALMOST like a jelly glitter sandwich!

I'm trying to catch those rays...

The return of the drink shot! It's been a while...

One thing you can’t really see in these pictures (or this polish really) is the teeny tiny holo glitter that is scattered through the bottle. It was a sacrifice I had to make in the name of frankens. In truth I really could have layered these polishes but where the hell is the fun in that? I love the jelly look of this sugary polish. Now if only I could come up with a name…


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