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Another Freeze Franken!

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When I went on my Kardashian Kolor (still a STUPID name) binge, I was certain that I needed “It’s All About The Glam.” But when I was “Freeze” frankening, it was staring at me. So I dug out Wet N Wild Saved by The Blue and grabbed a bottle of NYC Clear. I had some empty bottles kicking around so I dumped half of the clear into a bottle. I poured a little less than half of SBTB into the bottle and topped it off with It’s All About The Glam. Then I shook it like a mofo and applied two coats. It went on wonderfully. I was concerned it would be sheer, what with all clear in it. But two coats and boom.

Look at that glow!

I wish I could say that I got GREAT swatches of this. But I went out for drinks, so I didn’t take pictures. So here I am holding beer!

My middle finger has my "Everything Freeze's" top coat

Moar beer!

And here is a bottle shot of Everything Freeze’s

I still need a name for this blue franken. As cheesy as Arnold Freeze is, I have a hard time coming up with fitting names for these polishes.


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