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Starting a new series…

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I started going through my nail polish and realized that I have a few colours that are regrettably the same. It is inevitable. So, in an effort to help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made (or to help them save a few bucks or grab once thought HTF polish), I’ll be starting the series:


Ho ho ho, I am hilarious. I’ll place the polishes side by side, and let you decide if you do in fact, want the dupe or the original. Hence the name. (Ho ho ho, I’m still hilarious). And then for fun, I’ll throw a picture of the polishes swatched on my own nails, unlabeled, and see how bang on you are with your guesses. Maybe one day, when I have more followers and more nail polishes than one human being will actually ever need in a lifetime, I will start giving one of the polishes away.

Until then, I will just leave the small test for readers. If they are anything like myself, the idea of needing to be right will drive them insane.

I’ll leave with a little preview of what I have in store for you…

My first dupe discovery!

I will take better pictures when I actually post these guys!

Until we meet again…


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