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To Dupe or Not To Dupe: China Glaze VS Wet N Wild

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Howdy! Welcome to round one, or the first post, of my new series: To Dupe or Not To Dupe? A couple of posts back (really, about two posts ago) I mentioned that I was going through my collection and more and more potential dupes, or doubles for my non-polish obsessed readers, were starting to rear their ugly (albeit glittery or shimmery) heads. Instead of lamenting the fact that I really have no control idea what polishes in my collection look like until they are compared against other bottles of polish, I decided to just blog about it. Maybe I could even help some people who might be waffling on two polishes.

I will be one to admit that more often than not, I fall for packaging and even labels in special circumstances (I’m looking at you, Volcom!) so I do my best not to scoff at people who are willing to shell out the big bucks for certain polish brands. But I also live in a town where the average age of citizens is about 75. So I do not always have the ability to pick up all kinds of polish. So in an attempt to help people like me, or people who want to save a few bucks, I’ve decided to do my best to find the cheaper alternatives for HTF or LE (Hard To Find and Limited Edition) colours. I am also no fool; I know much bigger blogs make posts like these. But they don’t always go into great detail and some posts just seem like an afterthought. So here I am, at my computer, typing up my first post, about the first dupe I ever discovered in my collection.

The contenders this match are both a gorgeous, glowy blue. China Glaze Frostbite was the one I picked up first, almost two years ago. I was very disappointed when it barely lasted a day on my nails, declaring that it must be the chemistry of my body that disagreed with it. I have since come to learn that my base/top coat combo mixed in with my job in the food industry were the larger culprits.

But I am a sucker for blue, so when Wet N Wild launched it “Fast Dry” line, I snapped up “Saved By The Blue” so quickly that I didn’t even remember buying it.

Then one day when I was looking for the perfect colour of the day (which was much easier back then because I probably only had about 50 bottles of polish) I noticed something about these two blues that had once made my heart sing…

One of these things is JUST like the other...

Hmmmmmm, are these twins, or just sisters?


If I told you that both of those swatches were China Glaze, would you believe me? I bet you would. But I wouldn’t tell you that because it is a lie and I don’t want to lie to my readers. CG is the top, and WNW is the bottom.

On closer inspection, these are loafers. What? No.

Even up close and personal, these babies are the same. Well, sure, on a swatchsicle they are the same. But how did they fare on the nail?


Unfortunately, they both bubbled. But that was my heavy handed rushing. Now. You tell me which colour is on which nail. They do not alternate; there is no rhyme or reason to the way I painted my nails.

Verdict: Well, WNW is far easier to get your hands on than CG. And about a third of the price. Considering that these two are spot on dupes, I’m going to have to rule WNW as the victor in my books. I like the shape of the WNW bottle a bit more than I like the CG bottle, and I like that SBTB is part of WNW’s core collection. I believe that Frostbite is also part of CG’s core collection, but like I said, I can’t get my mitts on them as easily. Both formulas were good, and the only advantage CG has over WNW, is the brush. I’m not the biggest fan of the Fast Dry brush. I have small nails, so it’s a smidge trickier to control. But all in all, these polishes are indeed twins.

PS. Bonus points to anyone who guesses the reference I made in the Close-up caption.

See you next time, where one of the Kardashian Kolors goes up against the newest line of Wet N Wild’s…


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