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Wet N Wild – How I Met Your Magenta

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GROAN. The names on these core Fast Dry colours are so cheesy, my lactose intolerance is acting up. Some are worse than others (SaGreena The Teenage Witch, anyone?), but I have to admit that the colours are pretty great. Yes. I am saying that a pink polish, is pretty great. If it were just a plain Barbie/bubblegum pink cream, forget it. But allow me to make my case for this unfortunately named beauty.


Well, not so secret shimmer. Geniusly placed golden shimmer. And it actually comes through on the nail! Had I bothered to apply top coat (which I so often forego because I enjoy sleep) I’m sure it would be more evident. Oh well. Live and learn. Maybe if I get a job that DOESN’T involve food or dishes…

Well hello gorgeous!

I only applied two coats, but if you take countless pictures of your hands like I do, you may want to go with a third to avoid VNL. And don’t forget a top coat! As you can see, it dried with a bit of a suede/velvet finish, which isn’t always a bad thing…unless there is shimmer. Then you want the high gloss shine!

Under a lamp! Look at that gold!

In my almost two years with Jamison, I over-use the exclamation point. The fact that he and I grew up reading Archie comics doesn’t help. They end everything with an exclamation point!

Then, the next day, I added a black crackle accent nail (and top coat) to spice things up! Of course, it didn’t survive Quiznos. Oh well. Just another reason to breathe and reboot!

80s rockstar!

All in all, it is a great colour for a great price. I got mine at Wal Mart but from what I’ve seen, you can pick this up from any place that sells Wet N Wild.


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