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I’ve been feeling kind of down these days. I am still painting my nails, but I haven’t been feeling it. I’m just…in a funk. A lot of things need to change in my life, and I feel overwhelmed by it all. But, one step at a time.

One thing that DOESN’T need to change in my life, is nail polish. Well…maybe how much of it I have needs to change. More or less? I’m not sure yet. But I do need to start preparing better pictures and maybe more swatches…I need to plan a time for nail polish. It’s sad, considering I only work part time (one of the things I need to change!) and should have oodles of time for lacquer. Alas, that just isn’t the case. I need a space. A work area, where I can franken, and swatch and create GREAT nail art. Or, just regular nail art, until I get better. Everyone needs to start somewhere. And while I completely understand when great, established bloggers look back on their old work and cringe, I like to look at it and think “Wow. I cared enough about something to keep going!” No matter how much I may suck now, I love this SO much, that I am willing to forego my usual impatience and just keep swimming. (Sorry, I’ve been watching Finding Nemo every night for about a month now. It relaxes me)

So, here is some random nail art, both abstract and detailed. Please forgive any mess or errors I may have made in the process…

Easter mani!

This is something I found while spending HOURS on my other blog. It’s a “Plastic Wrap” mani. Basically all you do is lay down your base colour. For this I chose Lacy Lilac from Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Line. Let it dry. Then, (I did one nail at a time) apply your second colour. While the polish is still wet, dab a rolled up ball of plastic wrap over it, to pick up some of the colour. I used my “Breakfast At Tiffany’s/70’s Tuxedo” franken, Revlon Sun Shine Sparkle and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Chartreuse Chase. Then I topped it off with one coat of NYC’s Matte Me Crazy. My nails looked like Cadbury Mini Eggs, which I ADORE. I really like how this turned out and will probably take another “DAB” (har har, groan, sigh, puns) at it.


I had THREE Easter dinners to go to this year! Product of a broken home, and a stable relationship. Who knew I would have three families in my life? Not this chick. Anywho, I did this water marble for my mom’s & dad’s dinners. I used four colours from Color Club’s new Take Wing collection, which is a GORGEOUS collection of  six glass fleck colours. I love them all. Even the pink. Which rarely happens. I also used some more Lacy Lilac and 70’s Tuxedo for this baby. Don’t ask me why, but I’ve been drawn to pastels lately. Weird… The Take Wing colours are: Daisy Does It (yellow) Wing Fling (pink) Metamorphosis (green/teal) and Sky High (blue). All of these colours are ALSO duochromes! Cue drooling like Homer over a donut…

I serve the Dark Side...

Can I just preface this by saying two things? I need a camera that doesn’t operate on AA batteries and my black nail art pen is shit. As soon as I apply top coat, it cracks. But, thankfully, I have an AMAZING boyfriend (who I often feel like I am letting down because I am so broke all the time. My nail polish does not have anything to do with that, as of late. I haven’t bought nail polish in about a month and a half) in Mr. J and he bought me a dotter tool and a nail art brush! As well as a nail polish that I will eventually post about. What was I saying? Uh…yeah. These are my Empire nails. Believe it or not, I was inspired by Mr. J’s mom, when she posted a picture of Star Wars nails on my Facebook wall…

*takes a deep breath* I’m sorry this post was so verbose and visually stimulating. I hope to resume a regular schedule soon. I still have my To Dupe or Not to Dupe? series on the go. And I promise I will post the next round soon!


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