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Howdy y’all! I know it’s been a while and I am sorry. I need a schedule. It’s bad. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it. But if I meet someone once, I remember them for much longer than I’d like to.

UPDATE: I started this, saved it as a draft…and then entered that nail art contest. Can’t tell if that makes me more of a terrible blogger, or less. Either way: FRANKENS!

Well. Franken. Singular. But it has a grillion pictures to accompany it, so I like to think that is more than fair.

This was a polish I made about a month ago for a friends’ wedding. They had a peacock theme, so I knew immediately that I wanted a duochrome. So I got to work, planning my beauty. I picked up a spare bottle of Shine of the Times when it was on a rare clearance sale and when I sat it down next to a bottle of Joe Fresh Peacock…an idea was violently formed. Duochrome…and flakies? SOLD! I actually didn’t end up using much of Peacock. It wasn’t colour-shifting enough for me. So I used a blue and threw in an old duochrome eyeshadow that I had laying around. I really love how the cool tones of the base polish brought out the red/pink of Shine of the Times. It is a gorgeous polish that I can’t get enough of, and actually ended up wearing as a full mani for a week.

I hmmmed and haaaa’d over the name but never really settled on one; they all seemed super lame and cheesy. So it shall remain unnamed, but it will always be the “PA” polish to me.

Naked nails!

On the nail!

I mean…hello gorgeous!

Ignore the glitter…if you can

I had SUCH a hard time capturing the colour shift of this polish but trust me. It was a beauty!

The wedding was a complete blast! Both bride and groom looked stunning in their garb (she was radiant and gorgeous and I was SO jealous of how awesome her hair was!) and they even had matching shoes! Two toned spats! Look it up, kids. Mr. J looked fetching in his blue (as he so often does. Blue is his colour) and I didn’t look half bad myself. A few pictures:

Those shoes are great!

And since I am not too sure how either one would feel about me posting pictures of them on my blog, I will give you a vague glimpse at the two, with a very AWESOME look at how gorgeous that dress was!

Have a good night, folks and I promise I shall try to be a better blogger!

Flower nail art!

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Bonjourno readers! While perusing my constantly growing number of nail blogs, I noticed that the great Kayla Shevonne was hosting a nail art contest. She is celebrating a MASSIVE milestone for her blog: ONE MILLION PAGE VIEWS! Like…holy buckets!

The theme for the contest is floral. Now, I’m not one for flowers. Too…unlike my style. But I couldn’t pass up this contest. The prizes are phenomenal! As soon as I saw the theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to do; Flower nail art. Flower is one of the best video games I’ve ever played. It’s so relaxing. There are no boss fights, no puzzles, no time limits. Just straight up drama free fun. You control the wind and collect flower petals along the way, trying to restore nature in a world being taken over by man. The score for the game is fantastic.

Here is the official trailer Sony released. The song isn’t from the game. Needless to say, it was a challenge in and of itself, just to paint this beauty on my nails. This is the picture I used for reference:

Now…here is MY interpretation of the picture. Be aware that I do not think I am the greatest nail artist. But I am REALLY friggin proud of how this turned out.

This was not easy to accomplish on such short nails!

Please ignore the green all over my thumb. I apparently have cuts on my thumb that I didn’t know I had before I used acetone. I’m sure that the condition of my hands and nails will hurt my chances in the contest. But I am still insanely proud of this.

Before clean up and top coat.

My actual camera has decided that it doesn’t want to work with my computer right now. Balls

Well, that’s all I have for you. I hope you can join in on my giddiness at completing such  detail oriented art work!

Sesame Street Nail Art

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Hello world! I’m watching some terrible show where people are in love with weird things (Like vacuum cleaners O_O) and I had an extreme nail polish breakthrough: Instead of buying the entire Pop Art collection from Color Club, I bought this:


Japanese beer! Yeah I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Anywho, this doesn’t have anything to do with my actual post for today.

When I was a kid, I luuuuuuurrrrrrrved Sesame Street. Forever being a pessimist, Oscar The Grouch was my favourite character. He still holds a special place in my heart (mainly because I am forever a grouch) but Grover is the coolest. And. with my love for baking, I feel for Cookie Monster because of the STUPID parents that are looking for someone to place blame on because their kid is obese, so they complained and said Cookie Monster was the cause of their porker child. I’m sorry, but a blue puppet who LOVES cookies, is not the reason that you have a fat fucking kid. That’s on you. You don’t care enough to take the box of Chips Ahoy away from your kid and tell them to go play outside. Your kid is fat, because you don’t give a shit. Sorry. That was my rant. Here is my nail art:

I tried to go for a trash can look on my nails, with an Oscar accent. I LOVE my Oscar nail. He turned out SO much better than I thought he would!

Here he is in all his sunny glory! I know Oscar would not enjoy the sun but when he rents my nails, he gets what I tell him to! Ignore the bubbles on my trash can nails!

Now…time for Cookie Monster. I love my nails. I love that I haven’t bitten my nails in over a year. And I love that with a little help from my nail polish, I can make Cookie Monster happen on my nails. Oh and some help from flocking powder.

Me want cookie!

I used Color Club’s “Nomadic In Nude” as the base and then sponged “Earthy Angel” over top, before using Revlon “Hot For Chocolate” as the chocolate chips. I used a flocking powder that I picked up at Michael’s for Cookie’s blue fur, and then added some Fimo eyes. It was definitely a great look, but something you really can’ get away with if you work with food. The powder held up to hand washing and showers; once dried off, it went right back to being fluffy! I was very impressed. But because you can’t put top coat over the powder…sadly it could not survive more than a day.

If you have any suggestions for nail art, please let me know, because I want to get better at freehand/nail art!


To Dupe or Not To Dupe? May edition: It’s All About The Glam VS Break The Ice

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I’m still undecided about making this a monthly feature, or bi-weekly. Either way, it’s May and I have the next round of dupes.

I will say again and again that I do not follow anything the Kardashians do. I’ve never seen the show, I know that Kim has a very large posterior, Khloe doesn’t look anything like any of the Kardashians and Kourtney has a son named Mason. Oh, and everything that starts with a C, they replace with a K. But I have to admit, they made some decent nail polish colours. I passed on the reds and the pinks. They are not my scene. But you better believe I snatched up all the rest.

The Nicole by OPI bottles are horrible. NOPI needs a serious overhaul. You can’t store them, or organize them in a good way. They take up too much space. And they are a pain in the ass to hold. Dear NOPI: CHANGE YOUR BOTTLES BECAUSE THEY ARE UGLY.

Pretty colour, in very ugly clothes...

So this is “All About The Glam.” It is a great colour. A glass fleck white that is definitely on the sheer side, but it does build to opaque after two coats. It’s a great alternative to a plain white cream. But it will also run about $10 Canadian. Ouch. Now I love nail polish (Mr. J can testify) but I can’t justify spending that much on a bottle of nail polish, unless it’s made with gold. For some reason I went crazy and realized this was a great addition to my Freeze Frankens. Silly me.

When I went back to Wal Mart to get more (I know I just said I can’t justify that money…but I am also a hoarder collector) I stumbled onto this colour:

Well hello Wet N Wild

The $3 price tag caught my eye. The above picture, is one coat of both NOPI and WNW. Once again, I am not going to tell you which polish is on which finger, but you can see that they are both quite sheer. Break The Ice is from a new line of WNW that will, as I said, run you about $3. Much easier to swallow than $10. I’m not sure if the WNW will be a core collection/colour. I’m fairly certain that the Kardashian collection (I refuse to spell that with a K) won’t be around forever. Here are some side by side bottle shots.

Twinsies? Or cousins?

Two coats of each!

Glorious sunlight!

As you can see, they are bang on. Same shimmer, same base white…different prices. If you are careful (and sober, unlike I was) these will cover in three thin coats. Two thick coats if you are impatient…like I was. For me, the choice is clear; Wet N Wild, all the way.

Both are great brands, and have time and time again, pleased me. But when it comes right down to it, I am cheap and poor. I suppose it is all personal choice. NOPI didn’t help its cause by having such CRAP bottles…

Drink shot!