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To Dupe or Not To Dupe? May edition: It’s All About The Glam VS Break The Ice

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I’m still undecided about making this a monthly feature, or bi-weekly. Either way, it’s May and I have the next round of dupes.

I will say again and again that I do not follow anything the Kardashians do. I’ve never seen the show, I know that Kim has a very large posterior, Khloe doesn’t look anything like any of the Kardashians and Kourtney has a son named Mason. Oh, and everything that starts with a C, they replace with a K. But I have to admit, they made some decent nail polish colours. I passed on the reds and the pinks. They are not my scene. But you better believe I snatched up all the rest.

The Nicole by OPI bottles are horrible. NOPI needs a serious overhaul. You can’t store them, or organize them in a good way. They take up too much space. And they are a pain in the ass to hold. Dear NOPI: CHANGE YOUR BOTTLES BECAUSE THEY ARE UGLY.

Pretty colour, in very ugly clothes...

So this is “All About The Glam.” It is a great colour. A glass fleck white that is definitely on the sheer side, but it does build to opaque after two coats. It’s a great alternative to a plain white cream. But it will also run about $10 Canadian. Ouch. Now I love nail polish (Mr. J can testify) but I can’t justify spending that much on a bottle of nail polish, unless it’s made with gold. For some reason I went crazy and realized this was a great addition to my Freeze Frankens. Silly me.

When I went back to Wal Mart to get more (I know I just said I can’t justify that money…but I am also a hoarder collector) I stumbled onto this colour:

Well hello Wet N Wild

The $3 price tag caught my eye. The above picture, is one coat of both NOPI and WNW. Once again, I am not going to tell you which polish is on which finger, but you can see that they are both quite sheer. Break The Ice is from a new line of WNW that will, as I said, run you about $3. Much easier to swallow than $10. I’m not sure if the WNW will be a core collection/colour. I’m fairly certain that the Kardashian collection (I refuse to spell that with a K) won’t be around forever. Here are some side by side bottle shots.

Twinsies? Or cousins?

Two coats of each!

Glorious sunlight!

As you can see, they are bang on. Same shimmer, same base white…different prices. If you are careful (and sober, unlike I was) these will cover in three thin coats. Two thick coats if you are impatient…like I was. For me, the choice is clear; Wet N Wild, all the way.

Both are great brands, and have time and time again, pleased me. But when it comes right down to it, I am cheap and poor. I suppose it is all personal choice. NOPI didn’t help its cause by having such CRAP bottles…

Drink shot!


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