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Flower nail art!

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Bonjourno readers! While perusing my constantly growing number of nail blogs, I noticed that the great Kayla Shevonne was hosting a nail art contest. She is celebrating a MASSIVE milestone for her blog: ONE MILLION PAGE VIEWS! Like…holy buckets!

The theme for the contest is floral. Now, I’m not one for flowers. Too…unlike my style. But I couldn’t pass up this contest. The prizes are phenomenal! As soon as I saw the theme, I knew exactly what I wanted to do; Flower nail art. Flower is one of the best video games I’ve ever played. It’s so relaxing. There are no boss fights, no puzzles, no time limits. Just straight up drama free fun. You control the wind and collect flower petals along the way, trying to restore nature in a world being taken over by man. The score for the game is fantastic.

Here is the official trailer Sony released. The song isn’t from the game. Needless to say, it was a challenge in and of itself, just to paint this beauty on my nails. This is the picture I used for reference:

Now…here is MY interpretation of the picture. Be aware that I do not think I am the greatest nail artist. But I am REALLY friggin proud of how this turned out.

This was not easy to accomplish on such short nails!

Please ignore the green all over my thumb. I apparently have cuts on my thumb that I didn’t know I had before I used acetone. I’m sure that the condition of my hands and nails will hurt my chances in the contest. But I am still insanely proud of this.

Before clean up and top coat.

My actual camera has decided that it doesn’t want to work with my computer right now. Balls

Well, that’s all I have for you. I hope you can join in on my giddiness at completing such  detail oriented art work!


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