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Howdy y’all! I know it’s been a while and I am sorry. I need a schedule. It’s bad. If I don’t write it down, I don’t remember it. But if I meet someone once, I remember them for much longer than I’d like to.

UPDATE: I started this, saved it as a draft…and then entered that nail art contest. Can’t tell if that makes me more of a terrible blogger, or less. Either way: FRANKENS!

Well. Franken. Singular. But it has a grillion pictures to accompany it, so I like to think that is more than fair.

This was a polish I made about a month ago for a friends’ wedding. They had a peacock theme, so I knew immediately that I wanted a duochrome. So I got to work, planning my beauty. I picked up a spare bottle of Shine of the Times when it was on a rare clearance sale and when I sat it down next to a bottle of Joe Fresh Peacock…an idea was violently formed. Duochrome…and flakies? SOLD! I actually didn’t end up using much of Peacock. It wasn’t colour-shifting enough for me. So I used a blue and threw in an old duochrome eyeshadow that I had laying around. I really love how the cool tones of the base polish brought out the red/pink of Shine of the Times. It is a gorgeous polish that I can’t get enough of, and actually ended up wearing as a full mani for a week.

I hmmmed and haaaa’d over the name but never really settled on one; they all seemed super lame and cheesy. So it shall remain unnamed, but it will always be the “PA” polish to me.

Naked nails!

On the nail!

I mean…hello gorgeous!

Ignore the glitter…if you can

I had SUCH a hard time capturing the colour shift of this polish but trust me. It was a beauty!

The wedding was a complete blast! Both bride and groom looked stunning in their garb (she was radiant and gorgeous and I was SO jealous of how awesome her hair was!) and they even had matching shoes! Two toned spats! Look it up, kids. Mr. J looked fetching in his blue (as he so often does. Blue is his colour) and I didn’t look half bad myself. A few pictures:

Those shoes are great!

And since I am not too sure how either one would feel about me posting pictures of them on my blog, I will give you a vague glimpse at the two, with a very AWESOME look at how gorgeous that dress was!

Have a good night, folks and I promise I shall try to be a better blogger!


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  1. Erik William Robert (BLLY BOB) Morgan.


    • Erik William Robert (BLLY BOB) Morgan.

      oops missed a I Grammer Mc Spell ~~Billy Bob
      Although the spelling makes it very funny.

  2. Erik William Robert (BLLY BOB) Morgan.

    P.S. You do look beautiful in pics ,love your work.


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