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Fog Machines and Laser Rays!

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Look out weekend, cuz, HERE I COME!

Well, almost. Two more working days and then HOLIDAYS! I decided to go ahead and book my first vacation in five or so years. So I will be spending a much needed week off-with Mr. J! I am already super excited.

In the meantime, I received my nail goodies that I bought from ebay a few weeks ago. So I decided to play!

I bought striping tape and double ended dotting tools. First up, THE TAPE!

When I was a kid, I would colour a sheet of paper with crayons (the brighter the better), then paint over it with black paint. When the paint was dry, I would scratch designs into the paint and reveal the colour underneath! Mr. J never did this, so he thinks I am crazy and made it up.

I painted some white underwear on my nails before covering them with neons. The green is China Glaze Limelight, the yellow is Color Club Get Your Lem-on and then some no name dollar store neons. Throw on some tape and seal it with black!

Before the black dries, peel the tape off and VOILA!

New phone case!

As you can see, I had a bit of a bubble problem (I’m looking at you Limelight!) and if we turn our attention to my right hand, we will see that I also had a problem with…well. I was drinking beer. Enough said.

Don’t drink and polish…

How about a little light on this bad boy?

Thanks for stopping in! Stay tuned for the Holiday mani!

Another round of franken fun!

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Hello folks! I’m still swatching and playing around with lighting and such, so I decided to take a break and make myself a new polish. Because I don’t have enough polish already…

A looooooooooong time ago, I picked up some glitter at my local dollar store. They were/are matte and neon and AWESOME. Of course, the first thing I thought was “Those would make some kick ass glitter polish.” But I had a run of bad luck with glitters and melting, so I didn’t want to chance it with these glitters until I could make some adjustments. So I promptly put them away and forgot about them, which is totally my style.

Then I saw this post by the lovely and talented Deez (of Deez Nailz fame) and almost smacked myself. She made the exact glitter I was thinking of making (great minds) AND informed us readers that the glitter doesn’t melt or bleed! I’m glad I was home alone, because I let out a cry of such excitement that I’m quite sure would give Mr. J fuel to torment me. More than he already does. So of course I grabbed for my empty bottles and glitter and began mixing.

Well…it turned out PERFECTLY. Until the next day, when it all settled to the bottom. Nothing a little stir from a wooden skewer can’t fix. I am SO glad I stumbled on that blog post, Deez! You rock!

It also satisfies a bit of lemming that I had for Floam.


The holo on my ring finger is also a franken. We will get in to that later.


How about a little indoors action?

Seriously, I love this. It’s so fun. And I actually got compliments! FROM GUYS! I never get compliments!

Also…this is going to sound WEIRD to people, but I adore the shape of my ring fingernail. I wish ALL of my other nails, looked just like that one…

I hope you enjoyed this round of franken fun and I hope you stay tuned for To Dupe or Not To Dupe, June edition!

Color Club – Wing Fling

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Can I just start this by saying a few things?

A) Pink is not my preferred colour.

B) I am well aware that more than one of my posts feature a pink nail polish.

Now that I have that out of the way, here is one of the summer glass fleck polishes from Color Club: Wing Fling. Almost everyone (myself included) really hoped that the duochrome in the bottle would come through on the nail. I was disappointed to see that it didn’t punch me in the face. But I was SHOCKED to discover that I LIKE this pink. I LIKED THIS PINK. Actually, if memory serves me, I’ve liked all the pinks that I’ve posted. Wing fling may take the cake. Or at least share the cake with Coral Denomiator. It has an ever so subtle gold and purple duochrome that rarely shows up on the nail. BUT WHO CARES WHEN IT LOOKS LIKE THIS?!

Pardon Jamison’s feet in both of these pictures (although I’m sure if I hadn’t said anything, you wouldn’t have noticed) but these are the only indoor shots that I managed to get. Outside, in the sun…PHWOAR! STUNNER

Can’t capture the colour shift! And that glitter is a Sally Hansen gem overcoat

Tried for the golden glint…


I hate that my bottles are never labelled…

Wing Fling is part of the Take Wing Summer 2012 collection. As far as I know, you can still find this polish and its partners. I picked mine up in a two pack at Winners, which was a let down. It cost more money than just buying the whole collection outright. Ah well. Color Club is worth it!

Kayla Shevonne has 3000 followers! What the what!

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I’ve been an avid reader and follower of Kayla’s blog. The girl has mad skillz and amazing swatches that I can only hope to have someday soon. Not only that, but she is a doll! She recently hit 3000 followers which is a feat in and of itself, but she still appreciates every single one of them. Her wild success on the internet is something that I would love to have even half of, but until then I shall remain in my humble corner and continue to drool over her pictures.

She is having an awesome giveaway to celebrate such a landmark, and rightly so. Kayla deserves every single one of her followers and I hope she gets 3000 more!

Nicole by OPI “Nothing Kim-pares To Blue”

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Despite my rampant, sometimes socially unacceptable, love of puns, I HATE polishes with stupid names like this. Factor in my complete dislike of all things Kardashian and well…we have a loser. Unfortunately, the colours are just too gorgeous to resist. The only one that appealed to me from the Kim centric collection was this UBER pretty cornflower blue.

I’ve been really digging these soft pastel colours lately…

Pardon my bashful index finger, I had a bit of an “oops” at work so I couldn’t polish that finger, for fear of searing chemical pain. But I do love this colour. As usual, I don’t think I captured the shimmer very well, due to poor camera quality.

Let’s just get that pesky finger out of the way…

Well…that’s a bit better. Let’s see if the last one fared any better…

Kind of. This polish is more of a glass fleck shimmer than an in your face shimmer. It was relatively easy to apply, maybe a tad on the runny side. But much easier to work with compared to some other lighter blues (I’m looking at YOU, Revlon Waterfall -.-), even if the price tag is a little too much for my wallet.

ALSO: I come bearing some exciting news! Yesterday was my birthday (26 years on this Earth and it took me about 24 to realize how much I adore nail polish) and I got…A NEW CAR CAMERA! It’s just a point and shoot but it runs on a rechargeable battery instead of AAs AND it’s thin! Yay! Hopefully this means a big improvement in my pictures. As well as a new camera, I got a fancy lamp that has a magnifier and a lightbulb that simulates daylight! Courtesy of Mr. J’s parents. His dad saw it and thought of me and my polishing needs ❤ I imagine that it will be VERY similar to a light box so here’s hoping.

Thanks for stopping by folks, and keep an eye out for better pictures!