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Nicole by OPI “Nothing Kim-pares To Blue”

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Despite my rampant, sometimes socially unacceptable, love of puns, I HATE polishes with stupid names like this. Factor in my complete dislike of all things Kardashian and well…we have a loser. Unfortunately, the colours are just too gorgeous to resist. The only one that appealed to me from the Kim centric collection was this UBER pretty cornflower blue.

I’ve been really digging these soft pastel colours lately…

Pardon my bashful index finger, I had a bit of an “oops” at work so I couldn’t polish that finger, for fear of searing chemical pain. But I do love this colour. As usual, I don’t think I captured the shimmer very well, due to poor camera quality.

Let’s just get that pesky finger out of the way…

Well…that’s a bit better. Let’s see if the last one fared any better…

Kind of. This polish is more of a glass fleck shimmer than an in your face shimmer. It was relatively easy to apply, maybe a tad on the runny side. But much easier to work with compared to some other lighter blues (I’m looking at YOU, Revlon Waterfall -.-), even if the price tag is a little too much for my wallet.

ALSO: I come bearing some exciting news! Yesterday was my birthday (26 years on this Earth and it took me about 24 to realize how much I adore nail polish) and I got…A NEW CAR CAMERA! It’s just a point and shoot but it runs on a rechargeable battery instead of AAs AND it’s thin! Yay! Hopefully this means a big improvement in my pictures. As well as a new camera, I got a fancy lamp that has a magnifier and a lightbulb that simulates daylight! Courtesy of Mr. J’s parents. His dad saw it and thought of me and my polishing needs ❀ I imagine that it will be VERY similar to a light box so here’s hoping.

Thanks for stopping by folks, and keep an eye out for better pictures!


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