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Another round of franken fun!

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Hello folks! I’m still swatching and playing around with lighting and such, so I decided to take a break and make myself a new polish. Because I don’t have enough polish already…

A looooooooooong time ago, I picked up some glitter at my local dollar store. They were/are matte and neon and AWESOME. Of course, the first thing I thought was “Those would make some kick ass glitter polish.” But I had a run of bad luck with glitters and melting, so I didn’t want to chance it with these glitters until I could make some adjustments. So I promptly put them away and forgot about them, which is totally my style.

Then I saw this post by the lovely and talented Deez (of Deez Nailz fame) and almost smacked myself. She made the exact glitter I was thinking of making (great minds) AND informed us readers that the glitter doesn’t melt or bleed! I’m glad I was home alone, because I let out a cry of such excitement that I’m quite sure would give Mr. J fuel to torment me. More than he already does. So of course I grabbed for my empty bottles and glitter and began mixing.

Well…it turned out PERFECTLY. Until the next day, when it all settled to the bottom. Nothing a little stir from a wooden skewer can’t fix. I am SO glad I stumbled on that blog post, Deez! You rock!

It also satisfies a bit of lemming that I had forΒ Floam.


The holo on my ring finger is also a franken. We will get in to that later.


How about a little indoors action?

Seriously, I love this. It’s so fun. And I actually got compliments! FROM GUYS! I never get compliments!

Also…this is going to sound WEIRD to people, but I adore the shape of my ring fingernail. I wish ALL of my other nails, looked just like that one…

I hope you enjoyed this round of franken fun and I hope you stay tuned for To Dupe or Not To Dupe, June edition!


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