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Fog Machines and Laser Rays!

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Look out weekend, cuz, HERE I COME!

Well, almost. Two more working days and then HOLIDAYS! I decided to go ahead and book my first vacation in five or so years. So I will be spending a much needed week off-with Mr. J! I am already super excited.

In the meantime, I received my nail goodies that I bought from ebay a few weeks ago. So I decided to play!

I bought striping tape and double ended dotting tools. First up, THE TAPE!

When I was a kid, I would colour a sheet of paper with crayons (the brighter the better), then paint over it with black paint. When the paint was dry, I would scratch designs into the paint and reveal the colour underneath! Mr. J never did this, so he thinks I am crazy and made it up.

I painted some white underwear on my nails before covering them with neons. The green is China Glaze Limelight, the yellow is Color Club Get Your Lem-on and then some no name dollar store neons. Throw on some tape and seal it with black!

Before the black dries, peel the tape off and VOILA!

New phone case!

As you can see, I had a bit of a bubble problem (I’m looking at you Limelight!) and if we turn our attention to my right hand, we will see that I also had a problem with…well. I was drinking beer. Enough said.

Don’t drink and polish…

How about a little light on this bad boy?

Thanks for stopping in! Stay tuned for the Holiday mani!


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