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“It was the Joker” Batman nails!

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I had planned this post for about a month. Then sat on it because…I was unsure if I was completely happy with it. And then that horrible, AWFUL man claiming he was the Joker opened fire at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, which left the whole world in shock. And I will give Christian Bale all of my admiration and respect for being one of the most flawless human beings in Hollywood, and going to visit all of those affected by the shooting; completely under the radar without any publicity or photographers. Because he is Batman amazing. And I love Batman him.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Batman. My childhood best friend ended up with scores of comics from his uncle and I remember sitting around his house in the summers, reading and re-reading every Batman Detective comic he had. And I tried my hardest never to miss an episode of The Animated Series. At one point, my family  moved into a house that had free basic cable (which was a HUGE deal for a kid in the 90s. Especially one that had spent the better part of the previous year living in a trailer) and I somehow got REALLY into the 60s series with the always fabulous Adam West. Then came the first movie. Michael Keaton was stellar as Bruce Wayne and did a fair job as Batman. It was hard to let go of the voice of Kevin Conroy as my caped crusader. But MK pulled it off. And I will get heat for this but…Jack Nicholson’s Joker was…no. But, again, it was hard to let go of Mark Hamill’s Joker. However, it is very hard for anyone to hold a candle to him. I was over the friggin UNIVERSE when he was Joker for BOTH Arkham games. If anyone could dethrone Mark Hamill, it would have definitely been Heath Ledger. When presented with a role like that, and to take it to the darkness that he did…mad respect for Heath (R.I.P). The corners of my memory are trying to tell me that two other Batman movies were made before Christopher Nolan stepped in and pulled that franchise out of the gutter but I’m pretty sure my memory is wrong. Because no one would pay Joel Schumacher money to give Gotham City a makeover with glow paint while on copious amounts of LSD.

Wait…I was trying to lead up to my nail art. WOW. Got on a bit of a tangent there. Sorry about that.

I LOVE MARK HAMILL’S JOKER! There. Now that I’ve lured you in with all that rambling and summed it up in one sentence, I believe you earned pictures of my Joker nails. I loved the suits the best. His “smile” didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. But I still like how they turned out.

I’m still waiting for that “improvement” to kick in.

I realized AFTER I took these pictures, that his suits were upside down from this angle, while his mouth was right side up. That drove me absolutely insane.

And because of the wrong I had committed, I was forced to take pictures of my *shudder* right hand.

MUCH better…well. Sort of. These were the nails that I ended up rocking for most of my holiday at the beginning of July. I la-la-LAHved this design. So much that I want to do one for all of the Batman villains. But first, I must acquire some patience and skill.

Until next time, adventurers!

TDONTD: Revlon VS Wet N Wild VS Rimmel London

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Oh hay, remember when I kept saying I would have a new To Dupe or Not To Dupe? lined up for ‘my next post’? Yeah…well here it is! I actually found a few polishes that would have worked out well for this edition but then I noticed that one of the most popular “search terms” that brings people to my blog is Wet n Wild’s Ready To Pounce. More specifically, a dupe for that polish. Well, Explorers, I may have what you’re looking for. The other day (ever since returning to work, they all blend together) I was at my local Dollarama and they had boxes labelled Revlon. One of the employees ran up to the woman stocking the shelves and started squawking about nail polish. Even through my earphone filled ears, I could hear her. Probably because I am always on the hunt for nail polish treasure. Well…that day (which I just remembered was a Friday) I got lucky. They had the current collection of Top Speed colours, which was sort of a bummer because I’ve already picked up the colours I wanted. Or so I thought.

I snagged Grape (and Hazy, which we will save for later) because it was a deep, vampy purple and I instantly fell in love. For two bucks(!), WHY NOT? These polishes are at least 5 bucks at Wal Mart.

But then I got home. It’s funny how ALL knowledge of your nail polish stash goes out the window as soon as you leave the house. When I took it out of the bag, I immediately realized it shared a striking resemblance to the last vampy purple I wore and ADORED.


Ready To Pounce was from WNW’s 2011 Halloween/On The Prowl  collection. It was a collection that caused a mild frenzy because WNW always outdoes themselves for Halloween. But this collection took the cake, as far as I’m concerned. And I was devastated when Halloween came and went with no appearance of this collection. Then, on a random day in November, it was there. In the grocery store of all places. The lady in the beauty department must have thought I was insane with the speed I used to grab every last bottle in the display.

With the bottles side by side, RTP looks more red toned than Grape.

Look at that sexiness!

RTP also appears to have more shimmer. But on a nail wheel…


Woah, wait. So the red toned purple looks blue and the blue toned purple looks…red? These are the two beauties at one coat. Not complete dupes.

The colour on the far left is Rimmel London’s The Night Before. This colour comes from their 60 Second line. And as you can see, is a MUCH closer relative to Ready To Pounce. The red shimmer is a hair more vibrant in RTP than it is in TNB. Grape is merely a cousin to these two twins.

While TNB is not exactly a dupe for RTP, it is still a twin. Just a fraternal one. And I imagine it is much easier to find than the discontinued Ready To Pounce.

I hope this helped all you luscious, velvety purple lovers in your quest for the perfect vampy violet!





What would YOU do with a lifetime supply of Shellac?

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What would YOU do with a lifetime supply of Shellac?

Aloha readers. Today I am here to talk about something that is very near and dear to my heart: nail polish.

…what? Well of course I know that this is a nail polish blog and my love of polish is obvious! I’m talking about my actual LOVE of nail polish. They are two completely different things. I love looking down at my nails, long or short, and seeing them adorned with a luscious colour. Or a palate cleansing neutral. Or an eye-catching glitter. OR a traffic stopping neon! OK, I just like to look and see nail polish. Is that so wrong?

ANYWAY, there is nothing more disheartening than spending time to make your nails look great and then through the day (or a shift at a food service job) you look and see that your polish is either chipped or gone.

Enter Nail Polish Canada!

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Quo by Orly “Purple Daydream”

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This is one of my vacation manis. And before I launch into the polish and the formula and all that jazz, let me just say that I HATE when  companies use the wrong colour in a polish name. Case in point:

NOT purple!

Here we have Quo by ORLY “Purple Daydream.” I’m sorry, but last time I checked, this was pink. Unless they went with an ironic title, as in “I named this polish before it was finished and while I was making it, I was really hoping it would be purple. Alas, that is not the case. Oh well. The labels have already been printed and the bottles have been marked. Purple it is!”

To that I say: How dare you. Innocent lacquer heads will go searching for this polish on Google, anxiously awaiting the image results to produce a plethora of purple swatches. They will be sorely disappointed. But only for a minute because HOT DAMN this colour is great! I have worn it in two separate manis and I still love it.

It applies almost perfectly and what you see in all of my pictures, is two coats. I love the ORLY rubberized cap, because I drop things A LOT. I am also going to say something very weird that I kind of hope other people share: My right thumbnail is a PITA. It cracks, it has a massive ridge that may as well be a speed bump, and for some reason polish clumps on it and refuses to spread evenly. It’s the black sheep of my nails and nothing I do will ever fix it.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures!

Holo accents!

Color Club Covered In Diamonds

And here it is in the first mani I wore with it! The purple is…actually purple.

I honestly can’t remember what the purple is. Possibly GOSH?

That’s all for today, next time, I will have the extensive nail art I did for the first bit of my holidays!


This is what happens to the nail polish that time forgets…

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I never REALLY jumped on board with the crackle trend. But I liked the idea of having them, just in case. So I picked up quite a few of them. Almost all of the NOPI ones. A few Sally Hansen and a Color Club as well as an Ardene. They only ever made it on as an accent nail. But I still enjoyed them. They’re a fun way to shake yourself out of a funk.

Well. I’ve been on holidays (more on that later) all this week so I capitalized on a week free from the food industry, to lacquer up my nails with all my good polish or fun ideas. Turns out, when you spend a week away from work, your manicure doesn’t die as fast. Now I’m rambling and off topic. When I started this week, I wanted to do a silver crackle mani. I don’t know why. But that’s what called out to me. Well. Someone was effing with me that day.

Try doing a silver shatter with THIS garbage!!!


NONE of my other crackles are like this. And for the amount of money I paid for this, I shouldn’t expect to open my polish drawer and find this garbage. It’s a gummed up ball of nonsense. Now I have to go and get more silver crackle/shatter/texture. NOT from NOPI either.

Stay tuned for my holiday manis and possibly a Dupe or Not To Dupe?

PS. I REALLY dislike this new girl on Hawaii Five-0. If she comes between Steve and his girlfriend…I will yell at my computer A LOT.