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This is what happens to the nail polish that time forgets…

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I never REALLY jumped on board with the crackle trend. But I liked the idea of having them, just in case. So I picked up quite a few of them. Almost all of the NOPI ones. A few Sally Hansen and a Color Club as well as an Ardene. They only ever made it on as an accent nail. But I still enjoyed them. They’re a fun way to shake yourself out of a funk.

Well. I’ve been on holidays (more on that later) all this week so I capitalized on a week free from the food industry, to lacquer up my nails with all my good polish or fun ideas. Turns out, when you spend a week away from work, your manicure doesn’t die as fast. Now I’m rambling and off topic. When I started this week, I wanted to do a silver crackle mani. I don’t know why. But that’s what called out to me. Well. Someone was effing with me that day.

Try doing a silver shatter with THIS garbage!!!


NONE of my other crackles are like this. And for the amount of money I paid for this, I shouldn’t expect to open my polish drawer and find this garbage. It’s a gummed up ball of nonsense. Now I have to go and get more silver crackle/shatter/texture. NOT from NOPI either.

Stay tuned for my holiday manis and possibly a Dupe or Not To Dupe?

PS. I REALLY dislike this new girl on Hawaii Five-0. If she comes between Steve and his girlfriend…I will yell at my computer A LOT.


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