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Quo by Orly “Purple Daydream”

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This is one of my vacation manis. And before I launch into the polish and the formula and all that jazz, let me just say that I HATE when  companies use the wrong colour in a polish name. Case in point:

NOT purple!

Here we have Quo by ORLY “Purple Daydream.” I’m sorry, but last time I checked, this was pink. Unless they went with an ironic title, as in “I named this polish before it was finished and while I was making it, I was really hoping it would be purple. Alas, that is not the case. Oh well. The labels have already been printed and the bottles have been marked. Purple it is!”

To that I say: How dare you. Innocent lacquer heads will go searching for this polish on Google, anxiously awaiting the image results to produce a plethora of purple swatches. They will be sorely disappointed. But only for a minute because HOT DAMN this colour is great! I have worn it in two separate manis and I still love it.

It applies almost perfectly and what you see in all of my pictures, is two coats. I love the ORLY rubberized cap, because I drop things A LOT. I am also going to say something very weird that I kind of hope other people share: My right thumbnail is a PITA. It cracks, it has a massive ridge that may as well be a speed bump, and for some reason polish clumps on it and refuses to spread evenly. It’s the black sheep of my nails and nothing I do will ever fix it.

ANYWAY, here are some pictures!

Holo accents!

Color Club Covered In Diamonds

And here it is in the first mani I wore with it! The purple is…actually purple.

I honestly can’t remember what the purple is. Possibly GOSH?

That’s all for today, next time, I will have the extensive nail art I did for the first bit of my holidays!



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