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“It was the Joker” Batman nails!

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I had planned this post for about a month. Then sat on it because…I was unsure if I was completely happy with it. And then that horrible, AWFUL man claiming he was the Joker opened fire at the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, which left the whole world in shock. And I will give Christian Bale all of my admiration and respect for being one of the most flawless human beings in Hollywood, and going to visit all of those affected by the shooting; completely under the radar without any publicity or photographers. Because he is Batman amazing. And I love Batman him.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved Batman. My childhood best friend ended up with scores of comics from his uncle and I remember sitting around his house in the summers, reading and re-reading every Batman Detective comic he had. And I tried my hardest never to miss an episode of The Animated Series. At one point, my family  moved into a house that had free basic cable (which was a HUGE deal for a kid in the 90s. Especially one that had spent the better part of the previous year living in a trailer) and I somehow got REALLY into the 60s series with the always fabulous Adam West. Then came the first movie. Michael Keaton was stellar as Bruce Wayne and did a fair job as Batman. It was hard to let go of the voice of Kevin Conroy as my caped crusader. But MK pulled it off. And I will get heat for this but…Jack Nicholson’s Joker was…no. But, again, it was hard to let go of Mark Hamill’s Joker. However, it is very hard for anyone to hold a candle to him. I was over the friggin UNIVERSE when he was Joker for BOTH Arkham games. If anyone could dethrone Mark Hamill, it would have definitely been Heath Ledger. When presented with a role like that, and to take it to the darkness that he did…mad respect for Heath (R.I.P). The corners of my memory are trying to tell me that two other Batman movies were made before Christopher Nolan stepped in and pulled that franchise out of the gutter but I’m pretty sure my memory is wrong. Because no one would pay Joel Schumacher money to give Gotham City a makeover with glow paint while on copious amounts of LSD.

Wait…I was trying to lead up to my nail art. WOW. Got on a bit of a tangent there. Sorry about that.

I LOVE MARK HAMILL’S JOKER! There. Now that I’ve lured you in with all that rambling and summed it up in one sentence, I believe you earned pictures of my Joker nails. I loved the suits the best. His “smile” didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. But I still like how they turned out.

I’m still waiting for that “improvement” to kick in.

I realized AFTER I took these pictures, that his suits were upside down from this angle, while his mouth was right side up. That drove me absolutely insane.

And because of the wrong I had committed, I was forced to take pictures of my *shudder* right hand.

MUCH better…well. Sort of. These were the nails that I ended up rocking for most of my holiday at the beginning of July. I la-la-LAHved this design. So much that I want to do one for all of the Batman villains. But first, I must acquire some patience and skill.

Until next time, adventurers!


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