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Revlon Scented Polish for Summer 2012

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Howdy folks! I kind of vanished for a bit, didn’t I? I wish I could tell you I had a good reason…but as usual, I don’t. A while back I stumbled onto a fresh display of Revlon nail polish. SCENTED nail polish at that. Anyone that knows me in real life, knows that I am on a never-ending quest for GREAT scented nail polish. So I started making my own.  Which got a little too aromatic for my small apartment so I took a break and went back to regular polish.

Something else that is well known about me, is that I am actually quite fond of Revlon. Save for a few terrible polishes here and there. So I always get excited when my little black hole of a town gets NEW Revlon colours. Now, these scented polishes also come with partner crackles that may or may not actually be for these scented lovelies. Either way, PASS on crackles. There are 8 colours in total and I got ALL of them. Whether or not I will ever wear all of them…well who cares? They’re pretty! This post is VERY pic heavy so click the jump to read on!

I need to say one thing: All of these swatches will be on nail wheels because my hands are in ROUGH shape and I do not feel like exposing them to the internets right now. All swatches are two coats, no top coat. Top coat doesn’t affect the scent, I just didn’t feel like glossing them up.

First, we have Apricot Pastry, which is a really nice, clean peachy colour. And the smell is even nicer! It isn’t overwhelming and suits the softness of the colour. The first picture is in regular low light…and kind of fuzzy. But I included flash pictures for all colours!

Apricot Pastry

The next colour is Fig Jam. This colour surprised me. I’ve never been one for figs (actually I don’t think I’ve ever had a fig) but I don’t think they’re glittery/shimmery. But I don’t care. This is an extremely flattering colour…on me at least. If I were doomed to a life of “work appropriate” polish, this would be the one I could wear to stick it to someone. It’s subtle, but it’s not boring. Another one that does not have an overwhelming scent.

Fig Jam

Here we have Raspberry Scone (are you noticing the name theme yet?), a standard raspberry purple-red shade. But that doesn’t make it less awesome. Raspberries are my favourite fruit EVER and this does not do it a disservice. The smell is more candy raspberry than real raspberry, but I still love it.

Raspberry Scone

Mint Gelato…*shakes head* Such a FUN colour with such a WRONG scent. The smell drop kicks your nostrils and rubs its heels all over them. Then again…that’s probably just me, because they smell like Polar Bear shots and I had a HORRENDOUS night involving those sneaky bastards. I imagine after a day or two (if such a thing existed in my life) of wear, the smell would be fine. But freshly painted-YOWZA. Like I said, great colour…ferocious smell.

Mint Gelato

Are you still with me, Neverland? Next up is Strawberry Cream. The name says it all. I love this one too because it’s very soft and subtle. Actually, most of these colours are. But this one also reminds me of those Campino candies. You know the ones I mean…


Strawberry Cream

The colour (and scent) I thought would be my favourite is Lemon Meringue. Considering it’s yellow, I didn’t have a meltdown trying to apply it evenly. The first coat was streaky, but I was amazed to see it level out after two. If you have more patience than I do, you can apply a third coat. Then sit back and smell your nails forever, because they will smell like pie. This lived up to my expectations and is tied for first with Sugar Glaze.

Lemon Meringue

If a collection doesn’t have a red included somewhere, I get kind of worried. Unless the collection is called “WE ARE NOT FEATURING A RED BECAUSE OTHER COLOURS NEED ATTENTION”, then I rest easy. This is not one of those collections. Cherry Bon Bon is a great tomato red and smells just like you’d expect it to: Like candy!

Cherry Bon Bon

Last, and in no way least, we have Sugar Glaze. My “Tied for First with Lemon Meringue” polish. This dusty blue toned pink is awesome and smelled like…well sugar. It makes me want Rock Candy (which I really need to start making, but shouldn’t because I like having teeth) and it makes me feel slightly more girly than what I actually am. Of the 8, it is the only one I have worn to date. But that’s what happens when you have about 600 bottles of polish.

Sugar Glaze

And now here they are, lit up by flash!

Top to Bottom: Strawberry Cream, Lemon Meringue, Cherry Bon Bon, Sugar Glaze

T-B: Fig Jam, Raspberry Scone, Mint Gelato, Strawberry Cream

T-B: Apricot Pastry, Fig Jam, Raspberry Scone

You can see my dragging on Apricot Pastry but oh well. It’s just a nail wheel!

I hope this is enough to keep people going until I post about the polishes I picked up on my FIRST EVER trip to a Sally Beauty Supply. Like I said, my town is a black hole…

Thanks for all the fish!


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