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ORLY “Mermaid Tale”

Howdy y’all! I return from my “bad cuticle” induced coma with some shots of one of ORLY’s FLash Glam FX polishes! I picked up “Mermaid Tale” when I went to Sally Beauty for the first time ever. I also picked up Fowl Play (be still, my heart) and Finger Paints’ Fall of Surprises (thank you Mr. J for talking me into buying it!) but those swatches were part of my sumer cuticle drama. So they will be for another day.

In the meantime, I bring you a FANTASTIC, blinged out, definitely-worthy-of-mermaid-status offering from ORLY. Now, I can’t readily get ORLY polish, because well. You know. I live in a polish black hole. The best I get is Quo by ORLY nail polish from Shopper’s Drug Mart (Canadian drug store) and they don’t always have the special collections. I will say that I saw some of the ORLY Flash Glam polishes re-bottled and re-named as part of the Quo by ORLY line. So YAY! I LOVE Mermaid Tale and if I were made of money, I would have bought some of the other polishes from this line. Instead I picked them up for free, basically, in different packaging.

Mermaid Tale is a fabulous mix of blue, green and teal glitter mixed in a clear base. You CAN build this to opacity in about 2-3 coats, depending on how impatient heavy handed you are with your coats. But I just want to preserve my glitter, so I layered it over a white polish. (Also from the Quo by ORLY line. It is a white with blue shimmer that I can’t recall the name of right now). It was kind of on the thick side, but not “Impossible to work with” thick. But it was close. Despite all of that. I love it. I mean, come on. IT’S GLITTER!

Quick and dirty bottle shot!

Mountain Dew! Mmmmmmm

Love me some drink shots!

Please, please, PLEASE ignore the cuticles!

I’m going to try smaller images in my posts to see how that looks. But until then…if you find this polish and find yourself in a position to buy it…DO NOT HESITATE! IT IS FANTASTIC AND BLINGY AND GLITTERY AND I WISH THAT THERE HAD BEEN SUN WHEN I HAD TAKEN THESE PICTURES!

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