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Liebster award! And updates…and apologies

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HI! So…yeah. I disappeared again. I am sorry readers and followers. Without going into much detail about myself (yawn), I struggle with moods and anxiety. I won’t use the word depression because that is a real problem not to be taken lightly. But I do actually have an anxiety/personality disorder. And an unstressful job that I make stressful because that is what I do.

So. The lovely Ashley pleasantly came from nowhere and nominated me for the Liebster Award. I’m not entirely sure what that even means, but I was excited none the less. I struggled to find people to nominate that hadn’t already been nominated and sadly came up short. Which is sad because the questions I was asked were so interesting! Lame, I know, but I love hearing what other people have to say about their nail polish stash! It makes me feel a bit better about my hoarding collecting. So I will do the copout thing and answer the questions, extending the nomination to anyone reading this with under 200 followers. That much I know. You have to be a nail polish blog with under 200 followers! Whee!! I qualify. So here are my answers to the questions Ashley was awesome enough to come up with!

1. How may nail polishes do you own? Do I have to give an exact number? Because it makes me want to cry. Probably around….*mumbles* 600 (including frankens!)
2.What is your favorite nail polish of all time? Favourite nail polish colour of all time? I LOVE Sally Hansen Blue Me Away because I love blue and that colour is a WHAM! POW! IN YOUR FACE blue. Favourite nail polish brand/company? Color Club or Wet N Wild.
3.What is your favorite season? Fall
4. How much $$$$ would you spend on your favorite nail polish? 20-25 bucks a bottle. But it would have to be a last resort because DAMN. That is a dinner right there.
5. How do you store your polish? I use plastic three drawer storage towers. Kind of like small Helmers or Melmers.
6. How often do you paint your nails? Every day or two. Work destroys a good paint job
7. Do you ever pick off your polish? *hangs head in shame* All the time. BUT IT IS A REALLY BAD HABIT AND YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT
8. How did you get started with nail blogging? I started off reading blogs to keep up with nail trends and colours, because I didn’t want to miss another holographic movement! Then I realized that I have nail polish. And a camera. And the internet. And thus, a blog was born. I also use it to justify my copious amounts of polish.
9. What is your favorite fall nail polish? Right now? Anything duochrome. I can’t explain why.
10. What do you think is going to be the biggest fall nail trend this year? Er….textured nails! Like flocking powder? I don’t know. It depends where you are
11. What is your cutest nail design?? Cookie Monster. Hands down. Uh…no pun intended. His fuzzy little face and his googly eyes on my nails are still one of my favourite designs!

Thanks again Ashley for nominating me! I love your work!

PS. My updates: FOUR of my nails broke so I am back to supernubs! I’ll see if I can manage with old pictures…but I doubt it hahahaha


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