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A bumpy ride with Revlon Hazy

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Ugh. Ugh. UGH! I hate when a fantastic nail polish is destroyed by bubbles. I hate when any nail polish is destroyed by bubbles actually, because it makes me want to chuck them at people in the streets…

OK so that last part may be a result of rage issues. But the rest of it is true! Especially if it’s a polish I haven’t worn yet. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and the innocent little lacquer usually suffers and spends the rest of it’s days forgotten in a drawer. So I’m trying not to let this insane buildup of bubbles (most likely caused by the A/C in our apartment and the nearly empty, thick as molasses base coat I used) taint my first taste of Hazy that I got.

If you have a weak stomach for sad manis, please stop scrolling and carry on with your day. If not, continue on, but please try to contain your horror.


Not so bad from this angle. A nice soft grey creme that pulls blue on me (thanks yellow undertones!) But just wait…



This colour, as you can see, is from Revlon’s Top Speed line. The formula was a breeze to work with and this is two easy coats. The Top Speed polishes don’t actually dry at “top speed” (my skin dries out faster after a shower, than this nail polish does) but they aren’t agonizingly slow. I also picked it up at Dollarama so I can’t complain too much, even if it were a lousy polish. Now that the weather is rapidly cooling, I will have to take this out of the drawer and give it another go.

If you get a chance, check it out! All polishes deserve a second chance!


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