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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Rudolph’s Snowman narrator!

*frantic, excited waving* HIIIIII!!! Long time no blog, right? I know. I have had nothing but nail nightmares and disasters this last month. ALL of my nails broke, due to work and dry weather. THEN, the ring finger on my right hand got caught in a door and jacked all that shit up. So it’s been a week since I painted my nails and then before that…I hated how short short SHORT my nails looked with lacquer, since it reminded me of my nail biting days.

Definitely an unfortunate time to enter a nail art contest. But I slapped on a set of fake nails, put on a brave face and, for the first time, painted a design on LONG nails! After all, any contest held by Nail Polish Canada is not a contest to pass over. It’s a three week long contest with a new  theme each week. This week, it’s snow! Anything snow, goes. Kind of vague and broad, no?

After consulting with Mr. J, he decided I should paint lines of cocaine on my nails. Honestly, when was the last time anyone referred to cocaine as “snow”? So he suggested Snow, the rapper. Again, when was the last time anyone referred to him, period? Asking around at work didn’t help much either, since they all thought Mr. J was HILARIOUS and I should listen to him. Clowns.

FINALLY, I decided to do the Bumble from Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. It’s one of my favourite Christmas movies! Alas, I was too slow and Amanda from Maesbeauty beat me to it. And she did a fantastic job! So back to the drawing board. Result? The Snowman who narrates the movie!


I made a Fimo moustache and goatee for his face and painted my index nail to match his stylish vest. I mixed a mash of glitters together to be snow and then painted my thumb with silver and gold glitter, since that’s his song. It’s a little messy because glitter gets everywhere and I’m not used to painting fake nails.



My thumb also turned out a bit like a flashy Pepsi logo, but I didn’t notice until I took the picture.

You can see the other entries, AND vote for me HERE!

PS. There was also a mishap while opening the nail glue…which resulted in three fingers glued together. And then when I got out the acetone…my palm got glued to the bottle. Hopefully next week I will have better luck.