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OPI The Man With the Golden Gun (also, my boyfriend is amazing)

OK. I am going to interrupt the Advent Calendar Challenge and post about an early Christmas present from Mr. J. I may or may not have stated that Mr. J, despite his teasing, supports my nail polish obsession. As long as it doesn’t turn into a hoarding problem, he accepts it. So a couple of weeks ago, we took a mini road trip to a city with a bigger mall and MUCH more resources, to Christmas shop. We stumbled upon a beauty supply store and they had nail polish. Of course. So I screeched to a halt to hunt for polish I do not have access to here in Sadville, Ontario. They had OPI and China glaze…but none of the China Glaze I wanted, nor did they have the Skyfall colours that I lusted for. Just the colours I barely even blinked at. Boo. The sales girl and I bonded over how gorgeous the missing colours were, AND how AWESOME the gold leaf top coat was. But so hard to justify the price tag. Mr. J thought it was funny…until he saw The Man With The Golden Gun layered over some of the other Skyfall polishes. Then he geeked out like I did. He asked me if I wanted that polish but I declined and said “It’s so hard to make that forty bucks worth it!” So, with a heavy heart, we said good-bye to the friendly (and awesome) sales girl and made our way to Taco Bell. Nom nom nom…

Fast forward to yesterday. I was looking at the ACC prompt list and he peered over my shoulder. When he saw that day two was gold, he cursed himself internally and, out-loud, asked me if I wanted an early Christmas present. Um…DUH! OF COURSE I DO! Ever since he excused himself after lunch to go and Christmas shop for me, I have wanted answers! And I honestly thought he went back to the store that was clearly created after raiding my brain, and bought me the toque that was basically Finn’s hat (from Adventure Time). So when he handed me the small, rectangular package, I was REALLY intrigued. No way was that toque fitting in a package that small. I ripped it open and was left COMPLETELY speechless! THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN!


So, I unleash this barrage of photos onto you! I hope you can all understand my excitement! Well…of course you can! You are reading a nail polish blog after all…








It is very hard not to get taken in by that packaging! It’s so slick and AWESOME. That gold background actually has all the information that’s on the back of the box! It is so hard not to be impressed, when you are so used to just a straight up bottle of polish on a display!



Mr. J calls this “Black and Gold; Never Fold”. It was his idea to use black as my first layering polish, because well…that’s pretty much what 007 would do.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing boyfriend who gets just as excited as I do, at the sight of a gold leaf top coat based on 007 himself, James Bond. And everyone has some experience with Mr. Bond. Another reason why this polish is so amazing: Mr. J was so attracted to it, and bought it, because TMWTGG was the first Bond movie he saw. Awww! My first experience with Bond was Octopussy. Oh dear. Of all the Bonds, Pierce Brosnan is HANDS DOWN, the best. He even has the best opening sequence against the cinematic gun barrel!

OK. I’m going to go and watch The World is Not Enough! Who is YOUR favourite Bond?

ACC Day 9: Pine with Color Club Ho Ho Holly!

So…yeah *looks down at feet and toes ground sheepishly* I got completely derailed by day nine, which was pine. Mainly because…wtf am I going to do with that? A bunch of other people did some VERY awesome pine tree manis but I just could not get mine to work. So I copped out and just slapped on some Color Club “Ho Ho Holly” and called it a day. And I was happy. Because…honestly, this green foil/fleck polish is TO. DIE. FOR. If you like green polish. Which I do. A lot.

However, as much as I adore this polish (I’ve worn it about a grillion times in the last two weeks) I feel like GOSH’s Golden Dragon could be a possible dupe. I will have to look into that. But enough babble. PICTURES!



These are taken inside, under the cold, harsh fluorescent lights of work. But they are still fairly colour accurate. Just not entirely flattering to me. But I don’t care hahaha.




Stay tuned tomorrow, when I post the rest of the days I failed to post. I still need to edit those pictures. But! I will tease some recent excitement in my life!

Hmmm...what could that wording mean?

Hmmm…what could that wording mean?

Could GOSH "Holographic Hero" have fallen into my clutches?

Could GOSH “Holographic Hero” have fallen into my clutches?


ACC Days 6,7&8

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Whew. Let me explain…I dropped the ball. I did post snaps on Instagram for all of these days, but couldn’t muster the energy to actually blog about it. Well. Here I am now.

Day 6 was White. And I believe I mentioned last time, how much I dislike white. So actually working myself into the mood for this, was a chore. I decided to use Wet N Wild Megalast’s Break The Ice (which is a cheap dupe for NOPI It’s All About The Glam). By itself, I didn’t like it for a full mani. That’s how I am about white. I had Color Club “Snowflakes” on my dresser, just staring at me, so I slapped on one coat of that. Cue drooling, and swooning and staring. I had a hard time getting it on camera, because the colour shift was so subtle. But I loved it none the less.

I love this Rockstar Burner...

I love this Rockstar Burner…

I couldn’t stop looking down at my nails all day…

For Day 7, the prompt was ornaments. Well. I had grand plans of doing nail art for this one. But then my work schedule got flipped upside down (try reading that without thinking of Fresh Prince) so I copped out and slapped on some glitter. For my base I used one of the holiday colours from Color Club; Ho-ho Holly. I love this green. It’s so gorgeous I could die. Then I used two NOPI colours; Fabulous Is My Middle Name and Rainbow in the S-Kylie (friggin’ Kardashians).


Last but not least, we have Day 8. This one was supposed to be “Starry Night” themed. Buuuuuut then I started drinking and my motor skills ran off with my sobriety. I even used a gorgeous deep blue, instead of black, as my base and dug out some white hex glitter! Once I realized I would not have the patience for placing glitter, I just painting LA Color’s “Diamonds” over Sally Hansen Insta Dri “Blazing Blue.” I didn’t like how bold it was, so I threw some navy shatter over top to try and dull it down. It didn’t really get there, but I do like how it turned out. I almost don’t want to remove it to do my last mani for Nail Polish Canada’s challenge!

Starry Night


Next up on the prompt sheet is Pine. I don’t really know what that will be, but at least I can use it as a background for my challenge mani!

ACC Day 5: Blue

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Welcome all! Today is day 5 of the Advent Calendar Challenge, which is Blue. I can say, without a doubt, the blue is my favourite colour. For most things in my life. Hair? Not so much. Red or purple all the way. On me anyway.

But we aren’t here to talk about hair colour. No. We are here for nail polish. When I saw that today’s prompt (I have never used that word more in my life than I have in the passed five days) was blue, I actually didn’t know what to do. Blue is a weed in my polish collection, in the sense that it has overrun the garden of colour that I tend to. Mr J and I had a mini road trip and I almost bought a new blue polish (OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue) for the occasion. Alas, I need a new blue polish like I need six holes in my head. So I stroked the bottle (really, I did) and with a heavy heart, set it down. Needless to say, when I got home, no blue seemed good enough. Until I remembered ORLY’s Instant Artist line of polish. I bought the ,appropriately and uncreatively , named Blue. But the brush sucked so I decanted it into an actual polish bottle…and promptly forgot about it.

So here it is, topped with a coat of Quo by ORLY “An Affair to Remember”, which is another fantastic blue glitter polish. Oh my god. I feel like the Sponge Lady when I talk about blue polish. Quo by ORLY is one of the best things to happen to my small town life. I love it.

Hoooo my God

Hoooo my God


A little less glare

A little less glare

The middle finger still has Celeb City on it, but with a dash of Nicole by OPI Glitter “texture” top coat, which is just a fancy way of saying shatter. When it comes to Christmas, I am ALL about the blue and silver as opposed to the red and gold. I’m a cool colour kind of girl, what can I say?

As always, prompts are HERE and tomorrow is white. Meh. I actually don’t like white anything (except cake. Mmmm) so I’m not looking forward to it…but I will make it work! Thanks again to Happy Hands for getting this challenge on my radar, and the radar of everyone! I know that I desperately needed something like this to light a fire under my ass!

ACC: Day 3 and 4: Green and Silver!

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Hullo! I worked late last night so I couldn’t get this published yesterday. But I DID post a quick snap on Instagram.

Day 3 of the challenge was GREEN! It is a common misconception among people in my life, that green is my favourite colour. It’s not. But it’s up there. The green I used for my nails is actually a polish I got to try for free with an order from Nail Polish Canada. It’s a brand I had never heard of before called Soulstice Nail Colour. It’s a vegan and 3Free (I believe) brand. The colour is called Dublin and WOW. I know it’s just a forest green cream with some shimmer. But I LOVE it. It has a great formula! I painted two coats on and then added a Sally Hansen crackle called Sage Smash (LAME). I really loved how this looked!



And for today, Day 4, the prompt was silver. I knew immediately that I wanted to use Sally Hansen Celeb City. It’s a great silver foil that I always forget I have until I open my Sally Hansen drawer. But for some reason, I didn’t want to wear it on its own. So I dug out another Sally Hansen polish. From their Gem Crush line, I used Glitz Gal. Its a charcoal grey glitter with small holo hexes. LOVE. I am SO glad I decided to do this challenge!





Don’t forget you can find the Challenge Prompts HERE if you want to join in! Stay tuned for Day 5: BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE! WHEEE!!!!


Challange week 2 AND Advent Calendar day two!

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WOAH! Two days in a row! I must be taking these challenges seriously!

The theme for week two of Nail Polish Canada’s nail art contest is gifts, presents and stockings. I wracked my brain for days and, once again, came in close to the end. I had thought about doing a look from A Christmas Story (it’s a family tradition to watch this on Christmas Eve and open one present) but I had no where to start. So I decided to get my flock on and try to make some fuzzy stockings/Santa hat and make some gold style wrapping paper.

I used to gold to kill two birds with one stone (I hate that adage) and do my day two of the Advent Calendar Challenge.  HERE is the challenge prompt, for anyone that wants to join in on the fun!

Fuzzy stocking!

Fuzzy stocking!

I only have one picture for you, because I didn’t want to bog down the post with a whack of pictures. And I was getting mad at the yellow tinge on my cotton. Please vote for me HERE for the NPC contest! Stay tuned tomorrow for GREEEEEEEEEEEEEN nails!

Advent Calendar Challenge! Day One: RED!

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Howdy! I was wasting time on my way to work and I saw THIS post from Happy Hands and knew that it was something I needed, to light a fire under my uninspired ass. Seriously. Yesterday was the first day I’d painted my nails in two weeks. You read that right. TWO. WEEKS.  The weather change has been rotten to me, along with my recent nail catastrophes. It’s a real pisser for motivation. But, this post is giving me something to do and that excites me. I can get back in the swing of things. Hopefully.

Anyway, today’s prompt is red and I didn’t even hesitate. I made a beeline for my Milani One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle. The grocery store in my town recently revamped their beauty department and stocked a whack of new polishes. The One Coat Glitters made the cut, so I figured I’d buy a backup bottle of Red Sparkle. But the one I saw, was completely different. It had gold hexes mixed in and wasn’t even the same shade of red. Honestly…it looked flat. I’m glad I swapped Whimsical (GOOD RIDDANCE) for three of the older OCGs.

But that’s not why you’re here. You came to see the sparkle!!!

So pretty...

So pretty…

As always, please ignore the mess. I need a polish/hand friendly work environment…

I only put top coat on my ring finger to see what I liked more. I kind of like the grittiness of solo glitter, but it’s also hard to say no to that shine! But this glitter is greedy and wants ALL THE TOPCOAT! So, if you have this, be prepared to drown it.


I do love this polish! It will be a bitch shame to remove it and finish week two of the Nail Polish Canada nail art contest…