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Advent Calendar Challenge! Day One: RED!

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Howdy! I was wasting time on my way to work and I saw THIS post from Happy Hands and knew that it was something I needed, to light a fire under my uninspired ass. Seriously. Yesterday was the first day I’d painted my nails in two weeks. You read that right. TWO. WEEKS.  The weather change has been rotten to me, along with my recent nail catastrophes. It’s a real pisser for motivation. But, this post is giving me something to do and that excites me. I can get back in the swing of things. Hopefully.

Anyway, today’s prompt is red and I didn’t even hesitate. I made a beeline for my Milani One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle. The grocery store in my town recently revamped their beauty department and stocked a whack of new polishes. The One Coat Glitters made the cut, so I figured I’d buy a backup bottle of Red Sparkle. But the one I saw, was completely different. It had gold hexes mixed in and wasn’t even the same shade of red. Honestly…it looked flat. I’m glad I swapped Whimsical (GOOD RIDDANCE) for three of the older OCGs.

But that’s not why you’re here. You came to see the sparkle!!!

So pretty...

So pretty…

As always, please ignore the mess. I need a polish/hand friendly work environment…

I only put top coat on my ring finger to see what I liked more. I kind of like the grittiness of solo glitter, but it’s also hard to say no to that shine! But this glitter is greedy and wants ALL THE TOPCOAT! So, if you have this, be prepared to drown it.


I do love this polish! It will be a bitch shame to remove it and finish week two of the Nail Polish Canada nail art contest…


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