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ACC: Day 3 and 4: Green and Silver!

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Hullo! I worked late last night so I couldn’t get this published yesterday. But I DID post a quick snap on Instagram.

Day 3 of the challenge was GREEN! It is a common misconception among people in my life, that green is my favourite colour. It’s not. But it’s up there. The green I used for my nails is actually a polish I got to try for free with an order from Nail Polish Canada. It’s a brand I had never heard of before called Soulstice Nail Colour. It’s a vegan and 3Free (I believe) brand. The colour is called Dublin and WOW. I know it’s just a forest green cream with some shimmer. But I LOVE it. It has a great formula! I painted two coats on and then added a Sally Hansen crackle called Sage Smash (LAME). I really loved how this looked!



And for today, Day 4, the prompt was silver. I knew immediately that I wanted to use Sally Hansen Celeb City. It’s a great silver foil that I always forget I have until I open my Sally Hansen drawer. But for some reason, I didn’t want to wear it on its own. So I dug out another Sally Hansen polish. From their Gem Crush line, I used Glitz Gal. Its a charcoal grey glitter with small holo hexes. LOVE. I am SO glad I decided to do this challenge!





Don’t forget you can find the Challenge Prompts HERE if you want to join in! Stay tuned for Day 5: BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUE! WHEEE!!!!



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