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ACC Day 5: Blue

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Welcome all! Today is day 5 of the Advent Calendar Challenge, which is Blue. I can say, without a doubt, the blue is my favourite colour. For most things in my life. Hair? Not so much. Red or purple all the way. On me anyway.

But we aren’t here to talk about hair colour. No. We are here for nail polish. When I saw that today’s prompt (I have never used that word more in my life than I have in the passed five days) was blue, I actually didn’t know what to do. Blue is a weed in my polish collection, in the sense that it has overrun the garden of colour that I tend to. Mr J and I had a mini road trip and I almost bought a new blue polish (OPI Unfor-Greta-bly Blue) for the occasion. Alas, I need a new blue polish like I need six holes in my head. So I stroked the bottle (really, I did) and with a heavy heart, set it down. Needless to say, when I got home, no blue seemed good enough. Until I remembered ORLY’s Instant Artist line of polish. I bought the ,appropriately and uncreatively , named Blue. But the brush sucked so I decanted it into an actual polish bottle…and promptly forgot about it.

So here it is, topped with a coat of Quo by ORLY “An Affair to Remember”, which is another fantastic blue glitter polish. Oh my god. I feel like the Sponge Lady when I talk about blue polish. Quo by ORLY is one of the best things to happen to my small town life. I love it.

Hoooo my God

Hoooo my God


A little less glare

A little less glare

The middle finger still has Celeb City on it, but with a dash of Nicole by OPI Glitter “texture” top coat, which is just a fancy way of saying shatter. When it comes to Christmas, I am ALL about the blue and silver as opposed to the red and gold. I’m a cool colour kind of girl, what can I say?

As always, prompts are HERE and tomorrow is white. Meh. I actually don’t like white anything (except cake. Mmmm) so I’m not looking forward to it…but I will make it work! Thanks again to Happy Hands for getting this challenge on my radar, and the radar of everyone! I know that I desperately needed something like this to light a fire under my ass!


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