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ACC Days 6,7&8

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Whew. Let me explain…I dropped the ball. I did post snaps on Instagram for all of these days, but couldn’t muster the energy to actually blog about it. Well. Here I am now.

Day 6 was White. And I believe I mentioned last time, how much I dislike white. So actually working myself into the mood for this, was a chore. I decided to use Wet N Wild Megalast’s Break The Ice (which is a cheap dupe for NOPI It’s All About The Glam). By itself, I didn’t like it for a full mani. That’s how I am about white. I had Color Club “Snowflakes” on my dresser, just staring at me, so I slapped on one coat of that. Cue drooling, and swooning and staring. I had a hard time getting it on camera, because the colour shift was so subtle. But I loved it none the less.

I love this Rockstar Burner...

I love this Rockstar Burner…

I couldn’t stop looking down at my nails all day…

For Day 7, the prompt was ornaments. Well. I had grand plans of doing nail art for this one. But then my work schedule got flipped upside down (try reading that without thinking of Fresh Prince) so I copped out and slapped on some glitter. For my base I used one of the holiday colours from Color Club; Ho-ho Holly. I love this green. It’s so gorgeous I could die. Then I used two NOPI colours; Fabulous Is My Middle Name and Rainbow in the S-Kylie (friggin’ Kardashians).


Last but not least, we have Day 8. This one was supposed to be “Starry Night” themed. Buuuuuut then I started drinking and my motor skills ran off with my sobriety. I even used a gorgeous deep blue, instead of black, as my base and dug out some white hex glitter! Once I realized I would not have the patience for placing glitter, I just painting LA Color’s “Diamonds” over Sally Hansen Insta Dri “Blazing Blue.” I didn’t like how bold it was, so I threw some navy shatter over top to try and dull it down. It didn’t really get there, but I do like how it turned out. I almost don’t want to remove it to do my last mani for Nail Polish Canada’s challenge!

Starry Night


Next up on the prompt sheet is Pine. I don’t really know what that will be, but at least I can use it as a background for my challenge mani!


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