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ACC Day 9: Pine with Color Club Ho Ho Holly!

So…yeah *looks down at feet and toes ground sheepishly* I got completely derailed by day nine, which was pine. Mainly because…wtf am I going to do with that? A bunch of other people did some VERY awesome pine tree manis but I just could not get mine to work. So I copped out and just slapped on some Color Club “Ho Ho Holly” and called it a day. And I was happy. Because…honestly, this green foil/fleck polish is TO. DIE. FOR. If you like green polish. Which I do. A lot.

However, as much as I adore this polish (I’ve worn it about a grillion times in the last two weeks) I feel like GOSH’s Golden Dragon could be a possible dupe. I will have to look into that. But enough babble. PICTURES!



These are taken inside, under the cold, harsh fluorescent lights of work. But they are still fairly colour accurate. Just not entirely flattering to me. But I don’t care hahaha.




Stay tuned tomorrow, when I post the rest of the days I failed to post. I still need to edit those pictures. But! I will tease some recent excitement in my life!

Hmmm...what could that wording mean?

Hmmm…what could that wording mean?

Could GOSH "Holographic Hero" have fallen into my clutches?

Could GOSH “Holographic Hero” have fallen into my clutches?



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