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OPI The Man With the Golden Gun (also, my boyfriend is amazing)

OK. I am going to interrupt the Advent Calendar Challenge and post about an early Christmas present from Mr. J. I may or may not have stated that Mr. J, despite his teasing, supports my nail polish obsession. As long as it doesn’t turn into a hoarding problem, he accepts it. So a couple of weeks ago, we took a mini road trip to a city with a bigger mall and MUCH more resources, to Christmas shop. We stumbled upon a beauty supply store and they had nail polish. Of course. So I screeched to a halt to hunt for polish I do not have access to here in Sadville, Ontario. They had OPI and China glaze…but none of the China Glaze I wanted, nor did they have the Skyfall colours that I lusted for. Just the colours I barely even blinked at. Boo. The sales girl and I bonded over how gorgeous the missing colours were, AND how AWESOME the gold leaf top coat was. But so hard to justify the price tag. Mr. J thought it was funny…until he saw The Man With The Golden Gun layered over some of the other Skyfall polishes. Then he geeked out like I did. He asked me if I wanted that polish but I declined and said “It’s so hard to make that forty bucks worth it!” So, with a heavy heart, we said good-bye to the friendly (and awesome) sales girl and made our way to Taco Bell. Nom nom nom…

Fast forward to yesterday. I was looking at the ACC prompt list and he peered over my shoulder. When he saw that day two was gold, he cursed himself internally and, out-loud, asked me if I wanted an early Christmas present. Um…DUH! OF COURSE I DO! Ever since he excused himself after lunch to go and Christmas shop for me, I have wanted answers! And I honestly thought he went back to the store that was clearly created after raiding my brain, and bought me the toque that was basically Finn’s hat (from Adventure Time). So when he handed me the small, rectangular package, I was REALLY intrigued. No way was that toque fitting in a package that small. I ripped it open and was left COMPLETELY speechless! THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN!


So, I unleash this barrage of photos onto you! I hope you can all understand my excitement! Well…of course you can! You are reading a nail polish blog after all…








It is very hard not to get taken in by that packaging! It’s so slick and AWESOME. That gold background actually has all the information that’s on the back of the box! It is so hard not to be impressed, when you are so used to just a straight up bottle of polish on a display!



Mr. J calls this “Black and Gold; Never Fold”. It was his idea to use black as my first layering polish, because well…that’s pretty much what 007 would do.

I am so thankful to have such an amazing boyfriend who gets just as excited as I do, at the sight of a gold leaf top coat based on 007 himself, James Bond. And everyone has some experience with Mr. Bond. Another reason why this polish is so amazing: Mr. J was so attracted to it, and bought it, because TMWTGG was the first Bond movie he saw. Awww! My first experience with Bond was Octopussy. Oh dear. Of all the Bonds, Pierce Brosnan is HANDS DOWN, the best. He even has the best opening sequence against the cinematic gun barrel!

OK. I’m going to go and watch The World is Not Enough! Who is YOUR favourite Bond?


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  1. Ah, I want this polish so badly!


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