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China Glaze Deviantly Daring

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Howdy, howdy, howdy! I know I said I’d post this “tomorrow”, which turned into four days. Oops. Sorry folks. I wanted to take the weekend and bake. Mission accomplished! I made some delicious salted caramel ganache tarts. I know that I also called this polish a colour shifting beauty. And while it is much shiftier (in a good way) than the last polish I posted, it is certainly not the strongest duochrome I own.

China Glaze Deviant

Deviantly Daring is the other China Glaze polish my momtar got me for Christmas. It comes from the New Bohemian collection, which was CG’s Summer 2012 collection. In the bottle, it looks FANTASTIC. All flashy and blue and green and gold…and on the nail, it looks all teal and shiny and pretty. I took about a grillion pictures of this polish. In daylight, with flash and then in just my regular, low lit nail polish room. So I am about to spam you. You’ve been warned. I will add a jump for you, if you so please to continue. Read the rest of this entry

Wet n Wild No-Gas, Electrically Charged

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Howdy, howdy, howdy! Today I have one of the Wet N Wild magnetic polishes that was released (in my area at least) at the tail end of the summer. I was REALLY excited to see these because they weren’t the standard magnetic colours that most polish lines were putting out at the time. In the bottle, they all had a duochrome shift that I was sure would make the magnetic pattern punch me in the face.

Well…I am here to share my disappointment in these polishes. The magnet that came with them was so weak, it didn’t even leave a pattern. So I actually ended up using the magnet from my Sally Hansen polishes. And even then…the effect was subtle. In the bottle, No-Gas, Electrically Charged had a GORGEOUS purple/green shift. So I figured, at least if the magnet blows, the polish won’t be a total waste.

No Gas


No Gas2


As you can see, the polish is a little flat. This is before the magnet, so it’s the true colour. I may give it one more chance out in actual daylight, but it’s still a huge disappointment. I was really hoping for some of that awesome pureen (purple/green) flash. I will say that the polish is super pigmented, as the above pictures are only one coat.

Then I added a second coat, one nail at a time, and used the magnet.

No Gas3


On the pinky, I used the magnet that came with the polish. And as you can see, or can’t, there was no real change.

No Gas4


All in all, this polish really let me down, and I probably won’t hold on to it. Unless that duochrome comes alive in the sun, which is unlikely.

Tomorrow, I will show you a real colour shifting beauty!

Barielle Elle’s Spell

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Way back when the original Hidden Treasure hit the scene, I was hooked. Thoughts of finding a flakie polish seemed like a pipe dream. The days of HT had long passed and I was certain I would never own a flakie. Oh how wrong I was. Soon the flakie cup would runneth over in my black hole town and I would come to own several. My first was Joe Fresh Twilight, which had the same colour shift as HT, but was in a black jelly base. For obvious reasons, my options were limited when it came to layering that baby. And for a long time, that was the only one I had. Then along came Elle’s Spell. I had seen this in a Barielle mini set at my local Winners countless times and passed on it each time. None of the other colours in the set (Night Moves, if anyone is wondering) were all that special. And usually when you pass on something at Winners, chances are, when you are struck with non-buyer’s remorse and go back to get it, it is long gone.

But not this time. For three weeks, I picked up the set, stared longingly at Elle’s Spell, put the set down and left. I entertained the idea of buying just a single bottle…but I couldn’t pull the online trigger. Shipping in Canada is outrageous. And I don’t have a credit card (thank God. I would be in unhealthy amounts of debt if I could shop freely online) so the money would actually come out of my bank account. Finally, after my umpteenth visit of it being there, I caved and bought the set.

And, like many lacquerheads, I put it away and forgot to wear it. Then I would go through the same “Pick up polish and stare wistfully at it before promptly putting it down” game I had played at Winners. I paid 16 bucks to do the same thing at home, that I had done at a store.

So, FINALLY, I decided it was make or break time for Elle’s Spell. If I didn’t like it, I would find it a new home. And I honestly thought I would be putting it up for adoption, because it has that same ‘red, gold, green’ shift that a standard flakie had. Only in a red jelly base. So, again, limited options. But as soon as I put the one and only coat over Red-ical Gypsy, I knew my money had been well spent.

I. LOVE. THIS. POLISH. And really, there isn’t anything overly special about it that couldn’t achieve by layering, say HT or Shine of The Times by Essie, over the same Color Club red. But damn. I just have to keep it.

These photos are one coat of Elle’s Spell with one coat of top coat over Red-ical Gyspy.





Tomorrow, I will have some magnetic polish to throw in your face. So many people (two) have been talking about it and I realized that I have some I (surprise surprise) haven’t worn yet!


Color Club Red-ical Gypsy

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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!

You know, I never really understood that greeting or saying or whatever. Using “ho” is just too out of date now I guess.

Anyway. As part of my personal mission to shed some possessions by the end of 2013, I figured that the best place to start, would be my nail polish collection. So I am going through every single one of my polishes, and finally figuring out what needs to stay and what really should go. I already know that I will be keeping this colour, because not only is is by one of my favourite brands, but it is also a flattering red for my skin tone.

Red-ical Gypsy is from the Back To Boho collection Color Club came out with for Fall 2011. It was a two part set that I was lucky enough to find one day during a browse through Winners. ALL of my bottles weren’t labelled, which is the downfall of buying Color Club at Winners. They never have the labelled sets. I’ve actually had this since its release, but I’ve only worn…four,no, five of the colours. Rad Nomad being one of my all time favourite polishes, and New Bohemian being the colour that I always grab when I actually want Blue-ming (from the Blossoming Spring 2012 collection). Well, Red-ical Gypsy is my go-to red layering polish because it is a great, smooth formula that goes on in two coats and dries a touch darker than my pictures show. It’s less candy apple and more cherry red pencil crayon red. NOT actually cherry fruit red. It’s a bit squishy like a jelly, but pigmented like a creme. I wouldn’t call it dominantly either finish, which may be why I like it so much.

I actually grabbed it to layer under Elle’s Spell by Barielle and then realized I haven’t ever actually worn it alone. Which is a shame because it’s fabulous. So I will post these (not so great) pictures that I snapped before the layering. They are all two coats without top coat and I apologize for the less than stellar photo setup. These were last minute snaps.

No flash, crappy lighting

No flash, crappy lighting

This picture is actually a tad more colour accurate than the next two, but that’s only because the next ones have flash, and are sort of washed out.

Red-ical Gypsy2

Red-ical Gypsy3

Tomorrow, I will post the mani with Elle’s Spell and you can get a better look at this baby in natural light. It turns out, this is the PERFECT red underwear for ES.

Thanks for stopping by!

To Dupe or Not To Dupe: NOPI Luke of The Draw vs Revlon Ritzy

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Howdily Doodily! Today I have the first To Dupe or Not To Dupe of 2013! I’ve been seeing swatches of the new Modern Family collab with Nicole by OPI, ALL. UP. IN. MY. GRILL. I’ve never really committed myself to the show and as much as I love the Nicole by OPI availability in my town…well. I hate the bottles. I actually really hate them. So much that I am actually considering buying a flat of empty polish bottles, and decanting them ALL. Just I can organize them better. I am also noticing some er…settling issues with some of the more recent colours. And to be honest, a lot of the colours from this collection really didn’t do it for me. I feel like I could find similar colours in my stash. I’m also fairly certain that ‘Stand by Your Manny’ is basically ‘Nothing Kim-pares To Blue’ from the Wel-Kim to My World Kardashian collection, rebottled and renamed. BUT! I am eternally a sucker for glitter. So the black base and silver glitter of Luke of The Draw kind of appealed to me. So I picked it up with some Christmas money and promptly forgot about it. As I so often do.

And then I was stalking the new Revlon display at Wal Mart and saw Ritzy. A black base with silver glitter. As soon as I got it home, I KNEW, I would compare these two. And they really aren’t dupes. But I don’t need both.

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon

Here they are at one coat and you can already see that they aren’t the same.

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon, NOPI

L-R: Revlon, NOPI, Revlon, NOPI

The NOPI is PACKED with glitter, while the Revlon is stuffed with silver hexes. I actually prefer the Revlon over the NOPI, and not because of the stupid bottle or the lame name. I feel like the NOPI is more of a black with silver glitter on top, where as the Revlon actually seems like a black polish with glitter in it. Honestly, this is something that will be entirely up to personal preference. I’m glad I compared them, because I know that this would have bothered me until it had been done.

Both of these polishes had good formulas. They applied nicely and were easy to control. With the Revlon, it was a bit on the thin side, yet gloopy with glitter at the same time. If that makes sense. My bottle of Seche is reaching that molasses stage, so I blobbed some of that on. The next day, they did appear to have had a bit to drink from the top coat fountain, but nothing that another coat couldn’t have fixed.

I will probably hold on to the Revlon and let the NOPI go. I don’t feel like I need both and I certainly know that I can find ‘Luke of the Draw’ a better home.

Which one would you choose?



Revlon Royal with OPI “Man With The Golden Gun”

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Hi-diddly-ho (internet) neighbourinos! I’ve been playing a  lot of Simpson’s Tapout so I have Flanders’s running through my brain.

I still love and adore Mr. J for getting me Man With The Golden Gun. But it’s one of those polishes that I love SO much I’m afraid to wear it and have it run out. Especially since I work at a job that basically eats my nail polish off of my fingers. Note: I actually just wrote nail polish instead of fingers. WOW. Time for sleep. I just got over a bout with strep throat, so I’m a tad run down. But now I’m getting off topic. I’ve been getting lucky with my days off lately and getting two in a row! That’s usually when I bust out my favourite nail polish or some nail art (which I need to do more of. Eeep). So that’s what I did.

I. LOVE. Revlon Royal. It is such a delicious, squishy shade of blue. I’ve actually read that some people were getting bad bottles. Which puzzled me until I was killing time one day and wandered into the nail polish area of my grocery store. I toyed with the idea of buying a back-up bottle of Royal (I love it THAT much). That is, until I grabbed a bottle and turned it on its side. ALL of the pigment sunk to the bottom and solidified. It was basically a bottle of blue water. So, if you plan on buying this polish, MAKE SURE YOU GRAB YOUR BOTTLE AND TURN IT ON ITS SIDE TO MAKE SURE! I would hate for this colour to take heat because of a really bad batch. It is fabulous and anyone  that loves blue and jellies, NEEDS this polish. OK. PICTURES!



This is two coats, no top coat, before I added the glorious gold.

Now. I do not like gold. I’m not a fan of gold jewelry, or gold clothes or gold anything. I actually prefer cold tone gold (not a huge fan of warm toned anything) but. I have to admit that gold and blue work. Probably because it’s close to orange…and blue and orange…RAWR. Complimentary colours unite! On my nails. OK!  I am way out of control.

I knew  that Royal and Man With The Golden Gun were made for each other. And I had two days off in a row. So I made it happen.







I couldn’t stop staring! And then I went back to work today and they bit the dust. BUT! I am doing a “To Dupe Or Not To Dupe” post as I type this. I know. It’s been a while since I’ve done that kind of post. I have a catalogue of swatches for this series. But I don’t know. They’re all on nail wheels. I need to get my keister in gear and swatch them on my nails.

Stay tuned friends! Next up, a smackdown between Revlon and NOPI Modern Family.

China Glaze “It’s Alive”

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I’m about to start re-vamping my page, so I figure I may as well throw up a random swatch of a polish I got for Christmas from my momtar!

I’m actually amazed that I only got four bottles of polish for Christmas! However, I got some money, so I went and bought more polish to make up for it. Because I am a terrible polish hoarder. But that’s beside the point.

It’s Alive is a great medium toned green glitter. The colour reminds me of the August birthstone peridot:



Now, it is a common misconception among the people in my life, that green is my favourite colour. I’m not entirely sure how that came about; perhaps it started with a pair of lime green glasses that I got with my last prescription? Well, at the time, there were no awesome BLUE glasses. Due to that miscommunication, I now own many green things. Don’t get me wrong; green is not so bad. I just like blue and purple a bit more. Sometimes green can look a little too…ill.

That love, however, definitely carries over to polish. And my mom knows two things about my nail polish obsession fascination:

1) I love it

2) I love glitter

Enter It’s Alive. A green glitter bomb from last year’s Haunting Halloween collection.



I chose to wear this without topcoat…because I was lazy. And I ended up loving it. Even without the top coat you can see the sparkle and the depth. There is a plethora of different sized glitter. It’s so murky…I just love it. I imagine with topcoat it will really come alive (har har, puns!)



Without my Shellac’d pinkie nail as a distraction. I freakin LOVE this. I can’t wait to wear this again! And believe me, I will wear this again.

That’s all for now, folks!